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Owned by Google, YouTube has had huge growth in video sharing and video blogging over the last few years. YouTube can be useful for engaging customers and for advertising, especially if you can send your video viral!

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Category Archives: YouTube

Is all publicity really good publicity?

If you cast your mind back, you may remember that there once was a time when news took a while to spread. Fashion, food and language were localised – because they simply didn’t have the means to travel more than a few miles from where they had started out – let alone several times around the world in less than a few minutes. Read more…

YouTube Marketing: Viral Appeal Or Marginal Gains? (Part 2).

So you know what the video marketing game’s all about now and you’ve decided to add this to your existing internet marketing repertoire.

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YouTube Marketing: Viral Appeal Or Marginal Gains? (Part 1).

Need help promoting your small business?

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Could Video Marketing and The YouTube Phenomenon Benefit Your Business?

Most business will have looked with envy at some of the adverts that made it big on video marketing channels like YouTube.

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How To Use YouTube To Help Your Small Business Grow? Part 2.

So you’ve decided to dip your toe into the video marketing game and add another string to your internet marketing strategy.

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How To Use YouTube To Help Your Small Business Grow? Part 1.

If any one mentions the social media or social media marketing to a small business, what’s the first thing that will spring to mind?

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Tips That Can Help YouTube Work For Your Business.

Many internet marketers have long appreciated YouTube and have realised that the medium could be a useful and valuable marketing tool.

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Can Video Advertising Give Your Business That Extra Competitive Edge?

If you’ve never heard of YouTube, then you must’ve been locked away in a very dark place indeed for the last couple of years. YouTube is the premier video-sharing network on the internet. To say it’s big is probably something of an understatement: 35 hours worth of video are currently uploaded worldwide every 60 seconds. Now imagine that in real and more measurable terms – according to internet analysts, Memeburn, YouTube has more content uploaded in 60 days than the three major U.S TV networks can create in 60 years. Now that might all sound great, but what does it mean to business? How and why can uploaded video material make any difference to the success or otherwise of your business? Well, hopefully by the end of the article you might understand. Read more…

YouTube Helps Google Top The 1 Billion Mark.

We’re all aware that Google’s had its problems of late, losing some ground to competition from both Microsoft/Bing and Facebook, as well as facing the indignity of various FTC anti-trust investigations.

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Using YouTube To Build Your Brand.

It doesn’t really matter whether you love or hate the social media; there are two facts that are incontrovertible.

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