Preparing for voice search and AI – 3 things you need to know
9th January 2018
As the popularity of Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa gathers pace, search engines are implementing algorithms and facilities to cater…
Four SEO tips to try in January
4th January 2018
As 2018 approaches, it’s time to switch up strategies and update approach in time for Google’s next algorithm change. Here…
3 tips to help your blogs work harder for you
2nd January 2018
As any business owner who has written a blog for their own website will tell you, creating content yourself is…
What is Google’s Digital Garage – and why should you attend?
21st December 2017
A few months ago we covered Google Digital Garage as the search engine giant launched its online range of courses…
Could directory sites boost your SEO?
13th December 2017
As companies depend more and more on their online presence to help them to gain exposure and make money, SEO…
What is influencer marketing – and how can you use it to your advantage?
30th November 2017
With the rise and prevalence of social media marketing and the popularity of YouTube, bloggers and vloggers have carved out…
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