Is Your Website Damaging Your Business?

No doubt if you are reading this right now then you are possibly considering that there is a problem that your business faces and open to the potential that your website could be playing a hand into it. The advantages of responsive website design are endless and if you want your business to thrive online you need to be utilising responsive web design in 2021

First off, well done. You are among the business owners that don’t just stick their head in the sand and ignore a concern. That means you are active in your business and want the best for it, which is how it should be.

Secondly, let’s take a look at your existing website whilst you read and see if any of these things pertain to you and most importantly why they are affecting your business.

Difficult to Use

Okay, this website may be easy to use for yourself as you have had a hand in how it operates, but how many times have you had someone asking for help in navigating it because it’s complicated to the ordinary person?

Also, how many clients or customers do you think you may have lost due to such an instance? People today want things to be there and easy to click, pay and finalise. If you have your items buried away then you definitely are suffering, but not as much as customers are. Chances are they have already moved on before searching for it, so take a look at how many clicks it takes to get to purchase a certain product from searching to purchasing. Realistically how many would you do before giving up on someone else’s website?

Your most important navigation elements must be present on every page, not having to click back to go elsewhere.

Slowest of Slow

How long is your website taking to load up content and different pages? Is it feeling like an eternity? Trust us it feels even longer to clients… those that stick with it anyway.

If it’s longer than 2 seconds to load then a large part of your audience is gone by 3. That’s a fact. Numerous studies have proven that slow page loads are the cause behind abandonment rates, so if this is a problem then your site’s speed needs to be immediately addressed. This can be achieved by eliminating heavy scripts, easing on the plugin area and choosing a slightly lower resolution on images, this will not only make it a pleasant experience for customers but also help with that all-important placement in Google search results too.

Unresponsive Design

Hey, we have all had to make do with a cheap and cheerful website at some point in our lives, but the big telltale sign for 2021 that your website is outdated is not adopting a responsive web design in Stockport.

Its a huge disadvantage not taking it up as you are losing a ton of customers trying to find your service through mobile and tablet technology, so having a website that does not offer friendliness to this tech means your conversion rate is 50% less than it would be.

Plus, Google factors in user-friendly websites as the prime reason for websites to achieve good search rankings.

These are the tip of the iceberg concerns but ones that play very heavily on your business. If you are in need of the overhaul you can discuss the many different approaches with a Stockport website design agency, having all of the tools needed to make you trade more effectively online in 2021 and discover the advantages of responsive website design

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