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Now that everything is setting to be business as usual (admittedly with a few new niggles in the original way of working), there are some things that you can take from the last year into your business moving forward. We will show you how to increase your business presence online.

The reliance and quick adoption of online presence and trading resulted in a slew of interest in new techniques to keep businesses running, and some can still be adopted with businesses returning to a sense of normal operation.

Here we present last year’s big help for businesses looking to grow in regards to online presence.

Responsive Web Design

Most clients looking for services online are doing it through the use of mobile phones and tablet technologies. To appeal to those customers, businesses are focusing on overhauling their online business presence to adapt to these technologies.

To do this, businesses are changing up their old websites to incorporate responsive website design Stockport, which not only ensures that their websites are displaying perfectly on portable devices, but also that they are ranking well within search engines like Google who show a preference for responsive sites.


Many businesses have gone from strength to strength by transforming their high street store into a fully functioning eCommerce store.

As many businesses previously used their websites as an advertisement because they needed one, the full adoption of online trading has opened them up to a much larger customer base on a national and international basis. This has proven very successful in linking with social platforms and allowing a much easier advertising identity that leads to a much better closing on interest.

Social Media Adoption

No matter what your feelings on social media is, it is undoubtedly the best free way to bring in customers for free.

Social media marketing through avenues like Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram has provided much larger returns and identity growth than any paid advertising could ever achieve. Regular blogs and postings for your brand raises awareness and draws a lot of attention that can triple your regular take of business within a year.


Among the biggest trends for the 20s, Search Engine Optimization has provided avenues for independents to work alongside the bigger brands on the internet. This avenue also allows for businesses to capitalize on the gap provided by bigger brands not running SEO campaigns, drawing a bigger amount of interested clients searching for specific services that their business can provide. When it comes to success, many businesses are smart to include SEO Stockport within their arsenal.

To better prepare for your business benefiting from advancements within the last year moving forward and understanding how to increase your business presence online, talk to the team at Search and More today, your best investment in Stockport website design.

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