Boosting those 2020 leads – Areas to Target for Lead Generation

Among the most important things your business needs to elevate this year is lead generation marketing. This is an important factor in closing sales from a more nurtured approach instead of targeting wildly and praying for a decent result.

Lead generation is not employed by all businesses but more and more are starting to value its importance in the current climate. Many companies do not know where to start in the process of onboarding this measure.

If generating high-quality leads is your target then you need to know what to do to achieve the right aim.

Website Optimization

The first key thing on the agenda is to fully optimize your website and its speed for lead generation marketing.

You will lose any visitor that has to wait for your page to load for more than a second. We don’t live in an era of patience. Every second wasted in waiting amounts to a number of leads or sales lost over time. In making responsive web design a first step you also need to ensure that your website is optimized for mobile devices also.

With most online searches coming from people on the move from mobiles to tablets, you stand to lose out on the business if your website is not friendly to the most commonly used search object.

Site Subscriptions

To generate leads through site subscriptions, you will require opt-in boxes to catch the eye of people. Email marketing tools often allow you to build them, or you can utilize third parties such as LeadPages.

Make no mistake, most people don’t think highly of pop-up boxes to attract subscribers, but they ARE a successful option. Around 1375% of subscribers are driven by pop-up boxes, but you need to offer more to fully bring home the results by having people pass you their emails details. Free trials of a product are enough of an enticement to gain their contact.

Keeping the relationship strong with the client from that point in by emailing them with upcoming offers is a good starting point, but keeping them happy with you by regular contact and value offers will always keep them with you.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It’s a word you no doubt hear a lot of but have not considered it for your business practice.

It’s an integral part of your lead generation marketing strategy not only to be able to provide free traffic to your website but also to ensure it is of a higher percentage of conversion over paid traffic. Identifying the ideal long-tail keywords is something you need to really take time with, as Google has outstanding algorithms that finely identify what people are searching for, so to be in those top results you have to be sure of identifying the right words.

Link building is also a recommended and successful boost for your business, with backlinks communicating to search engines that your website is a trusted source and leader. If you want to be on page one of results then SEO Stockport is a huge help.

The search ending in “near me” is utilised in well over 50% of online searches so you definitely want Google to know your location to attract those local customers who will no doubt use your site regularly.

Social Media Ads

One of the best ways to generate leads is utilising social media marketing with Facebook being the prime platforms to cultivate positive leads.

Organic reach through Facebook pages has a limited grasp but paid reach is proven to be a huge advantage. In being able to target an audience you can be sure that the right people are being presented with your business. This, of course, means figuring out exactly who your audience is and then creating an offer that grabs their attention and draws them in. From there it is a lot easier to close the sale and turn them into a regular customer.

There are many more things to implement to turn a successful lead generation campaign into a success. To find out more, contact Search and More to explore the various ways to grow your business through strategy and action.

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