3 free ways to choose keywords for your business

Keywords are an important aspect of SEO. Even when you think you know your niche, it can be confusing and overwhelming to consider every possible key phrase, word and term to include within your web content. Today we share three easy to use tools to help you to narrow down your selection and more effectively target customers online.

Google Keyword Planner

This is a great starting place when searching for keywords – and by far one of the easiest to use and most accessible available for business owners. It’s free and offers valuable insight straight from the horse’s mouth – which is interesting given that this is one of very few tools available from Google, that doesn’t like to give away much when it comes to insider info or trade secrets. This easy to use interface allows you to conduct low level, basic but useful research using your website URL or a self-specified keyword. Simply set up an Adwords account and follow the steps to access the information.


This tool is great for a type of keyword known as ‘long tail’ – usually phrases or questions attached to one key term or phrase. These types of keywords are useful to know when putting together a content marketing or blogging strategy. Simply start with one keyword (such as ‘natural skincare’ or ‘Italian food’) and then explore the list of long tail variations that come up. Some may surprise you – which is the idea with this type of keyword research. It’s important to be completely clued up and obtain a more accurate picture of what types of things your potential clientele are searching for online.

Google trends

Another fantastic gift from Google – Google Trends is a fairly new tool that offers plenty of insight for business owners. You can get quite specific on Google Trends, as it enables you to enter locations, categories and search history info. You’ll then receive a host of incredibly useful and dynamic data, including trend insights, authority sources and related keywords and phrases. The main difference between Google Keyword Planner and Trends is that here you’ll receive an accurate picture including interest regarding a keyword, influencers and roots behind trends and sources of traffic alongside complementary associated keywords. The interactive graphs and charts are easy to interpret and great for anyone new to SEO as visual aids often simplify and enhance a process that can feel complicated and overwhelming.

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Make the Most out of your SEO Agency relationship

When building a successful relationship with your SEO agency, it’s important to remember that the communication between you is a two-way street. You need to be working as a team in order for your goals to be achieved as accurately as possible. Search and More are here to talk you through these handy tips for getting the most out of your SEO agency and building up a memorable, productive relationship. Continue reading…

What is Vero and how will it affect businesses on Social Media

In the past few days, you may have noticed online hype about a new social media app called Vero True Social. Vero has quickly gained a reputation for being the new Instagram, but it has already faced a variety of issues, one being that the network keeps crashing due to a flood of new users, and the fact that it will eventually introduce subscription fees.

Though the network in fact quite a few years old, it wasn’t until of late that it has managed to move the focus away from Facebook and Instagram. Many Influencers on Instagram have been sharing that they intend to use the network, which is a sure way to encourage others to move over.

Technical Difficulties

Since the app has gained popularity, however, many are struggling to get onto the network due to technical issues. They find themselves to be either unable to sign up, or find that their posts are not going out.

Another issue that was brought to attention was the rights to content creation. It appeared that the terms and conditions stated that once our content was posted, it would be free for anyone else to use. However, this issue has since been addressed and is in fact not the case.

Why are People Moving?

Despite these technical and copyright issues, many are still keen to make the move, but why? Since Instagram updated its algorithm, making it difficult for people to see the latest posts in their newsfeeds and felt rather bombarded with the same users images at the top of the page, leaving less room for variety of content. Vero follows a chronological algorithm, meaning what you will see is up to date, a system many have been asking for from Instagram for a good while.

Another aspect encouraging people to make the move is that Vero is an ad free service. Though they are to introduce an annual subscription fee, this is only to be put in place to cover the costs normally paid by businesses to advertise their services.

How will this Affect Businesses?

Although businesses may not be able to promote themselves via paid advertising, there are still ways to go about getting products shared out by other users. Brands are allowed to pay influencers to promote their product or service under the clarification that it is in no way associated with the network. There will also be an option to allow users to “buy now” on any business account posts. However, in order to add this button, brands must pay a fee.

Though it may seem like a setback for businesses, Vero may be a good way to encourage brands to take a step back and rethink their approaches to promotion. Users have grown tired of scrolling through their feeds to find an ever growing list of advertisements for things they simply don’t find interesting.

Though the excitement around Vero is very fresh, we are excited to see how this new platform progresses and how businesses change their social media models to bring in new customers. But until then, Search and More are here to keep your business on top with our favourite online approach, SEO. Contact us today to see how we can help to design and manage a bespoke website for your brand and maintain your rightful top position in Google and other search engines.

3 SEO sites to sign up to in 2018

Need a little advice to help you to better understand the benefits and inner workings of SEO? These three expert-led internet marketing sites offer up seminars, information and tools to help you to learn more about SEO and better direct professional partners for more fruitful results.


Moz is famed for its holistic approach to marketing that uses intelligent insights to form sophisticated SEO strategies. It offers a supportive and inclusive environment for both expert SEO professionals and business owners. This provides a solid set of tools and courses that can help budding learners on any level to improve. Topical articles discuss current trends and up to date techniques, and a community of professionals support members via online forums and chats. Core products include advanced analytical tools, link building programmes and page optimisation guidance.


SEMRush provides a host of sophisticated tools used by professionals and business owners alike. This is to ensure that on-site SEO is maximised and properly implemented. Many of these facilities may on the surface appear to be complex. However, there are plenty that can easily be learned via tutorials and online support. Specifically tools that enable in-depth competitor research, breakdowns in visitor profiles and keyword opportunities can greatly enhance and focus your approach for a more targeted strategy.

Answer The Public

This site has a very specific set of SEO tools – meaning it’s best suited for businesses looking for inspiration regarding high-traffic landing pages, articles and blogs. The majority of search terms queried on Google involve questions. How do I? When do I? What does? Why? For this reason companies that need to drive traffic, specifically their target audiences, to their site have to consider how content will attract and then satisfy readers. Answerthepublic provides an easy way to locate the highest-ranking queries on Google with just one keyword. This is a simple and useful method for businesses to determine headlines for content. They can then create and optimise to claim their share of relevant traffic. It also takes the time and headache out of consistently coming up with new content that will speak to potential clients and benefit your business from an SEO perspective.

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Climbing the Ranks with Smart Targeting

When it comes to organic growth, content plays a key role in making your goals achievable. However, it will not do so by itself. Smart targeting plays another role in getting your business to the top of Google, and at Search and More, we follow a strict method and adapt it with you in mind.

What exactly is smart targeting?

First off, it is important to understand that targeting and content are not the same thing, though they do go hand in hand. Targeting is essentially what SEO’s use to explain to Google what the content in question is about. The content is the answer to a user’s search query, so it is important to ensure that the content is targeted towards the correct question.

Google is drawing more focus on user interactions and experiences, as well as the relevance of the content query. In order for content to be seen, we need to figure out what it is that the audience needs and how Google interprets it. From then we can identify what actions we must take in order for that need to be filled.

How we do it

When taking on a new client, it is important that we spend time getting to know them. We need to know more about their business, their goals and the audience they wish to reach. Once we feel like we know what our client wants from our services, we can move on to keyword research. We look at potential interest areas, common keywords and keywords relating specifically to our clients prioritised services. By doing this, we can determine where they rank in search results, and start thinking of ways to push it to the top.

When looking at keywords, we need to look at the ranking data to see where they sit in search results. We also need to establish a comparison between what the user is searching for and what the client has to offer.

When we have gathered as much keyword information as possible, we can then start to look at the client’s current pages and content, and perform a competitor analysis. By looking at more successful competitors, we can determine what potential changes could be made to our client content. From this point we are then  able to map keywords to relevant landing pages. By this point we will have enough information to formulate a content plan and put our research into action.

Everyone is different

What is important to remember is that although we may get a specific pool of clients, they will all come to us with different goals in mind. This means that we can’t replicate our research, as this would only reduce our insights. The more insights we gather, the better our results, and the happier the clients are with our service.

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The lowdown on location data

Location data is still relatively new on the block – generally reserved for use by e-commerce outfits and online retailers. But this sophisticated tool possesses a range of powerful benefits for B2B and B2B companies looking to secure a larger share of their target market online. Continue reading…