content matters


Content matters. You’ve got something to say to your customers – and it’s important that you say it in the right way to avoid losing or frustrating them. We specialise in offering excellent quality content constructed by experienced industry professionals with specific expertise in writing copy for websites, e-marketing campaigns and blogs. Quality content can drive traffic to your site, engage your clients and most importantly enriches your site making it attractive to Google – and to visitors.

targeted content

A targeted, specific approach to effectively reach your demographic

Writing content for web is an entirely different practice compared to writing for physical marketing material or press articles. It requires a certain skill involving keywords and phrases to satisfy Google as well as appealing to your target market. Often messages need to conveyed in a concise, succinct manner appropriate for your audience and site design – so the skill of content writing also involves extracting and condensing information to ensure copy is comprehensive yet compelling.

content message

Get your message across effectively

Few internet users enjoy sifting through reams of copy unable to locate the key information they are looking for. That’s why it’s important to invest in your content – to get your message across in so many words to keep users engaged and encourage them to spend their money with you. We understand how to write content which is compelling for our client, engaging for their users and great for Google – so all parties are satisfied.

Satisfying Google with up-to-date, quality content

Regularly updated content undoubtedly has an SEO benefit attached, as Google actively selects sites featuring fresh, quality content for its top spots. Stockport based SEO experts Search and More manage ongoing content refreshment for clients – who are often very busy and have no time to sit down and write regular posts for their blogs, newsletters and other online marketing channels.

Ongoing stratergy

Part of our holistic approach is an ongoing strategy for client engagement which ensures that your website is kept up to date and stays relevant and interesting for users. We will firstly sit with you to understand your business and requirements, then put together a plan accordingly, adding content on a weekly or monthly basis from articles, events and news pieces to posts, blogs and reviews.

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