6 pointers for producing more compelling content

How can you make sure your blog stands out from the other 2 million or so that are posted online every day? The answer is to produce strong and compelling content. How do you do that? Well, that’s the $64,000 question. The fact is if you want to produce the best blog, then your content will need a purpose: whether that’s to connect, engage, entertain or inform. But even when your writing does have a purpose, there’s still the tricky question of how you make your content notable and noticeable. Well, hopefully the following 6 pointers may help you create the kind of content that others envy.

Research your ideas and develop them

You may be an expert in your chosen field – otherwise why would you even be considering blogging about it – but it doesn’t hurt to take a step back and take stock. Think about the subject you want to blog about and research the subject extensively:

  • See what others have written, and judge whether their thoughts correlate to yours. If you have a different take on what has already been said, then make your voice heard. If you think on similar lines, ask yourself is there anything I can add to the subject that may have been overlooked or not mentioned before.
  • See what others are writing in your field and see what questions their readers are asking. Do you have the answers to those questions, and if so, are you able to offer any new or valuable insights?
  • Break down your specialised field into individual areas of interest, and create blogs for each sub-heading.
  • Read other popular blogs even if they do not relate to your chosen field specifically. Read what these authors write and look at how they interact and engage with their readers, and use them for inspiration.

Make sure you nail the title

Although you might write a great blog, it will never get the attention it truly deserves unless people read it. If you want to draw people in and get noticed, then make sure you write a great eye-catching headline. However, it’s important that the title you use should be relevant: misleading readers is definitely not the way to go. The title must relate to the subject matter, but that’s not to say you can’t them have a little fun with it. Be clever with your use of words. Think of a title and then try rearranging the words. Decide which has the greater impact and go with the one that resonates most.

Tone is important

Getting the tone right is important, whether you’re writing about complex or academic topics or simple concepts and products. Writing with an authentic voice and staying focused on the topic is what is important. Keep the tone of the blog conversational and remember to write for your readers, not for yourself.

Stay relevant

Although it can sometimes be good to go off on a tangent, the general rule is to stay on-message. The attention span of most readers is short, so it’s important that your content delivers what it promised in the title and the first paragraph of the blog. If you can stay on-message and write interesting and informative content, then even those with the shortest attention spans will stay with you til the end.

Write simply and don’t overcomplicate

There are numerous ways of saying the same thing, but the simplest ways usually work best. Don’t be verbose or use unnecessarily complicate words where simple language will suffice. Avoid acronyms and stick with simple, concise and clear words, as these have been proven to be the ones which attract the widest readership.

Read, re-read and write again if necessary

You may think you’ve created a masterpiece, but don’t be tempted to publish straight away. Leave it a while and re-read the blog some time later. The blog might not be quite so compelling on the second reading: it might not even sound as professional as you’d like it to. If that’s the case, rewrite it and read it again later. Keep on going until you feel you’ve definitely nailed it. Check for spelling mistakes and typos, then when you’re truly satisfied with your content, share it with the world.

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