Content: you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to be successful

If you’re struggling for new content for your business blog, do you really need to get stressed and tetchy when the inspiration just doesn’t come to you? The simple answer is no. The solution to your problems might just be staring you in the face: all you have to do is open your eyes and look.

So where can you find this magical inspiration then? Well, in the successful blogs you’ve already written and shared in the past. Now you’re probably thinking that Google will look unkindly on you should you choose to share the same content twice, and you’d be right. Google doesn’t like duplicated content: it prefers original content. But having said that, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t re-use your best blogs, just as long as you’re prepared to work on them and present them in a different light.

So how can you repurpose existing content whilst keeping in Google’s good books? Well, by using one or possibly all 3 of the following methods: reusing content and approaching the original blog from a different angle, refreshing trusted content and targeting a different audience and revitalising content utilising a different format. If you can repurpose content in this way, then to all intents and purposes Google will think you’ve written something original.

Re-using content

Sometimes when you’re writing blogs all the stars occasionally align. On those occasions, you’re able to create a great blog that chimes with an audience, you’re able to inspire and inform and you’re able to answer all the questions people are asking. You might think that those situations only happen once in a blue moon, but that isn’t necessarily the case. The same content can work just as effectively by putting a different spin on it or by approaching it from a different angle.

Read through the content on social media and pick out the parts that really chimed with your audience; focus on those parts as your starting point. Then reformat the article, add a new video or images, refresh your focused keywords and make sure you add a couple of relevant calls to action. Although you will essentially still be using the same evergreen blog, the changes will make it look original, and that will keep Google’s spiders onside.

Refreshing content

Everyone at some stage or other will write what they believe is a stunning blog, only to find that the content fails to resonate with the targeted audience. It happens to the best content writers, and the reasons for the lack of success are never all that clear. However, there’s no reason why the blog won’t chime if it is targeted at a different audience. Rework the original blog, share it on social channels and promote it to new customers via email marketing. You can recycle social media content across all social media platforms as long as you customise the content for each individual channel.  Whilst technically you won’t be creating anything ‘new’ you will be publishing fresh content to ‘new’ audiences.

Revitalising content

Sometimes good blog pots can be made even better when a little deconstruction is applied. Take any detailed case study you might have written: how would that work if you broke it down into multiple sections and published each one separately? Could it work as a question and answer blog? Could it be reformatted into a How-to-Guide or reworked into a Checklist? By spending a little time editing your writing, 1 blog could effectively be reworked to produce 3 or more separate blogs.

There are all sorts of possibilities available for reusing existing content, all of which go to show that you don’t necessarily have to reinvent the wheel to get the desired results. Revitalising, reusing and refreshing content can work just as well.

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