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Is the Content on Your Website Communicating with Your Target Audience?

The fact that your website has a lot to say doesn’t necessarily mean that your content is communicating with your target audience. Technically speaking, it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out whether or not your content is doing its job properly. Consider for a moment:

Are your conversion rates as high as you’d like? Are you keeping bounce rates sufficiently low? How much time on average are your visitors spending on your site’s pages? Do you attract much repeat business?

If your content is doing its job and genuinely communicating with your audience, you shouldn’t be struggling with any of the above. If you are, it’s a clear indication that something about the content you’re publishing just isn’t hitting home with your readers.

Establish Your True Audience

If you’re having trouble connecting successfully with your readers, it could very well be that you’re yet to establish just who your true audience really is. If you haven’t researched the most valuable and appropriate demographics for your business long and hard, you can’t realistically expect to reach out to them. You need to know who they are, what makes them tick and what they are looking for. Most of all, you need to give them something they cannot find anywhere (or everywhere) else.

Your Unique Selling Point

Your content largely exists for one reason – to give your readers something they need and cannot get elsewhere. Yes, it’s also there to sell what you do, but it needs to sell you as a brand without the hard sell. If your business is viable, you must be doing something that appeals to one or more demographics. You simply have to focus on what it is that makes you different from all the others doing the same or similar things to you.

Speak to One, Appeal to Many

Everything you publish via your website should be written as if it is for the attention of one single customer. Speaking to the masses, by contrast, is rarely effective. The idea being that you speak to them as if they were sitting right there in front of you. When the reader feels as if they are being addressed personally, the message instantly becomes a great deal more powerful and influential.

Emotional Impact

It’s also important to take a look over the way you approach content and ask yourself – where’s the human touch? Or is there any at all to speak of? If your content comes across as bland, stuffy, robotic and toneless, this is precisely how your brand will be interpreted. By contrast, add real emotion and humanity into your content for an entirely more positive impact. Tell stories, express emotions and show the personality behind the brand.


Last up, your site’s content will only ever have limited appeal if you approach it as a one-time-only venture. It isn’t…in fact it’s quite to the contrary. Quality content creation is an on-going, permanent task that demands real dedication and focus. You write, you publish, you gauge your audience’s reaction, you modify your approach accordingly. Research, engage personally and find out what it is they’re really looking for. The more you invest, the better you’ll speak to your audience and the more you’ll get out as a result.

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