Creation Vs Collation: The Power of Unique Copy

When it comes to website design and development, anyone can harness quality content from elsewhere and publish it as their own. Which is, for the most part, exactly what most people do. From news stories to interesting articles to images to videos and so on, you have to ask yourself: how much of the stuff did you actually create from scratch, all on your own?

If the answer is either very little or none, don’t worry too much – you’re far from in the minority. But at the same time, you could definitely do with turning this around somewhat, given the way in which 100% original copy is infinitely more powerful than redistributed and regurgitated existing copy.

Of course, the former of the two is also extensively more difficult to come up with – especially if you don’t happen to be brimming with inspiration and ideas.  Nevertheless, investing plenty of effort into a small amount of original copy could help deliver far more impressive results in terms of engagement and customer loyalty than sticking with content collation.

So with this in mind, what follows is a rundown of just a few simple tips for creating entirely unique copy from scratch, in order to give your website something that makes it stand out and sing proudly:

  1. First of all, maintaining a regularly updated blog is one of the best ways of keeping your site perpetually topped up with fresh content. In terms of how to actually go about blog posting, rather than simply republishing new stories, articles and what not, add your own voice and thoughts into the mix. Or in other words, feel free to bring relevant news stories and articles to the attention of your readers, to do so in a more of an editorial manner.
  2. Another outstanding way of getting unique copy to your website is to invite other people to write on your behalf. Perhaps not the most important static content, but when it comes to blog posts, news articles, informative resources and so on, adding a few extra voices into the mix can be extremely helpful.
  3. Telling stories is known to be one of the most effective ways of creating a real sense of the engagement with any given target audience. Rather than simply being bombarded with facts and figures, it can be far more useful and beneficial to tell your visitors your story. Who you are, what you do, why you do it, what you believe in and so on. If possible, using your blog like an online journal can also be effective. Given that you are (or at least should be) 100% unique, this should also result in 100% unique content.
  4. Another great way of producing original content is to get into the habit of frequently penning and publishing reviews. Rather than simply rewriting the thoughts and opinions of other people, carry out your own reviews, share your thoughts and invite feedback/comments from your customers.  Even if they don’t happen to agree with you, it is almost guaranteed to nurture engagement and discussion.
  5. Last but not least, if you can get into the habit of regularly publishing Q&A sessions with those of relevance to your line of work, go for it! It’s often as simple as firing off a bunch of questions to someone of importance or interest with respect to what you do, in order to be returned with the kind of solid gold content that could work wonders for your website. Or if you’d prefer to carry out the interviews manually and transcribe the results, go right ahead!

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