Creative Blog Post Types to Refresh Your Output

One thing that rings true for every website across the board is that when customers pay you a visit, they want variety. Something unique. Something that hasn’t been done to death a million times elsewhere. But not only this, they also want variety when it comes to your own output.

Suffice to say, this is precisely why blogs that stick with nothing but unbroken text don’t tend to do nearly as well as those that mix things up. Mixed media can make a huge difference to a blog, but so too can the types of posts you publish and the direction you take.

So with this in mind, here’s a quick rundown of a few effective creative blog types that could help refresh your output:

1. Lists

They always have been and always will be a big deal, primarily because they’re so easy to skim and digest. The top ten something in the world, ten times somebody did something, ten reasons why something is something and so on…you get the gist. Not only are lists easy to digest and highly sharable, they often give plenty of scope for eye-catching headlines.

2. How-To Posts

Again, these are the kinds of headlines that immediately grab attention as they communicate the value of the post in an instant. To the reader, it’s a case of thinking that upon reading this post, they’ll benefit by being able to do something new. Or better. It’s simply a case of coming up with something you know for sure your audience members would like to know how to do, which shouldn’t be too difficult.

3. Tips

This is basically the type of post that’s half way between a how-to and a list. It’s a case of taking something you know your target audience is already doing, in order to give them a few pointers on how to improve or enhance it. You also get plenty of freedom for exploration when it comes to headlines.

4. Tools, Blogs and Suggestions

Depending on what your readers are into, you could also point them in the direction of external tools, sites and sources of interest. For example, if it’s web marketing you’re into, suggest quality SEO blogs, web marketing tools, suggested forums/networks to get into and so on. The beauty being that along with giving your readers what they want, you boost your own authority at the same time.

5. Infographics

Regardless of how long it takes to put one together, the value of a quality infographic can be enormous. Infographics are as sharable as they are attractive and easy to digest, ticking all the right boxes for a compelling blog post. All you need to do is round up the necessary information and make it look pretty.

6. Round-Ups

Speaking of which, how about weekly posts that pull together the most important and interesting stats, findings and information for the week, in order to deliver it in a bite-sized chunk? Get it right with this and they’ll be back for more, every week like clockwork.

7. Polls and Contests

Last but not least, the true value of running polls and contests is the way in which curiosity compels those taking part to come back repeatedly to see what’s going on. They’re hard to resist in the first place, while at the same time nurturing plenty of return visits as a welcome bonus.

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