Four Steps to an Effective FAQ Page

If your website has an FAQ page, ask yourself – exactly how much thought and attention you give it? In most instances, the answer is…well, not very much at all. The reason being that most smaller and newer businesses in particular see an FAQ as something of an administrative box to tick, rather than an asset of any real importance and value. In reality however, a well-executed FAQ can not only improve the user-experience, but drive engagement and improve conversion rates at the same time.

And of course, anything that prevents your customer care team being asked the same question a thousand times a day can only be a good thing.

Here’s a quick rundown of the four most important tips to abide by when it comes to creating an effective FAQ page:

1 – Keep It Visible

First of all, consumers across the board absolutely hate the prospect of having to search high and low for the answers they are looking for. Quite simply, the more difficult you make it for them to find the relevant information, the less likely they are to stick around. Just as is the case with your contact details, it’s a good idea to keep a link to your FAQ page prominent at all times, rather than making it a case of clicking through five different pages to find it.

2 – Focus On the Customer

Under no circumstances should you ever make the mistake of blurring the line between your ‘About Us’ page and your FAQ.  Roughly translated, this isn’t the page that should be used to drive the hard sell, go crazy with sales spiel or generally bore your customers with superfluous details about your company.  Instead, think logically and impartially from the customer’s perspective with regard to any and every common and important query. Use the interactions you have with your consumers as a basis for the kinds of questions you should be looking to answer.

3 – No Dead Ends

Your FAQ should represent part of your overall customer service package which never under any circumstances leads to a dead-end. You only need to look at some of the more notorious service providers out there…not mentioning the names of any budget airlines…to see how not to do it. If their customers want to get in touch with them, they have to jump through a thousand hoops before being provided with so much as an email address. Their FAQs lead to dead ends, which lead to would-be customers getting frustrated and bailing. Always ensure that your customers can get in touch with ease and are never presented with dead-ends.

4 – Inject Personality

Last up, if it suits the tone of your website, try to avoid making your FAQ unnecessarily dry and dull. If you present it in a voice that’s more like that of their own, you will instantly strike a more appealing chord with them. Take for example:

  • I’ve Found it Cheaper Elsewhere…How About a Discount?
  • What’s the Deal? Like What Makes You So Special?
  • Your Stuff is Awesome. Can I Buy in Bulk for Cheap?
  • What if I’m Awkward and Want to Return Something?
  • How Do You Protect My Data from Seedy Lowlifes?
  • You Mention Free Delivery – Where’s the Catch?

It’s simply a way of answering the important questions without regurgitating the usual monotone statements. And if you can get away with it, it has the potential to work a treat.

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