What Message Is the Content on Your Website Sending?

To overlook the importance of web content in this day and age is tantamount to website suicide. Now more than ever, consumers at all levels are judging everything that matters about any given business by the immediate impression their site’s content delivers. If it doesn’t deliver the right message, you’re on a downward trajectory.

Which is why it’s important to occasionally take a step back and ask yourself: exactly what message is the content on your own website sending? If it’s a question you can’t answer for yourself, perhaps think about involving a third-party professional to give you an overview.

And in terms of what you might come across, there are basically only a few key considerations you’ll need to factor in when evaluating your content:

1. Expert or Amateur?

First of all, is the content spanning your entire website paint a picture of professionalism, or amateur hour? From the quality of the content/media you present to the way in which it is organised to your chosen navigation system and indeed the usefulness of the information provided. Do you give visitors to your website every reason to think that you are an expert in an instant, or do you come across as yet another amateur on the pile to be avoided?

2. Polished or Pathetic

The same also goes for every aspect of textual content across your entire website. These days, the only standard the vast majority of consumers are willing to tolerate is that of polished perfection. As in genuine, 100% flawlessness. If there are any careless errors or mistakes of any kind detectable anywhere on your website, all this shows is pathetic attention to detail and the fact that you really cannot be bothered. And if you cannot be bothered getting something as simple as this right, it really says all that needs to be said about you as a brand/business in general.

3. Lavish or Lazy?

Something else to think about is the richness, quality and value of the content and information you provide. This can be evaluated in one simple consideration – are you providing visitors to your website with something they cannot get elsewhere? The simple fact of the matter is that if you are simply regurgitating or replicating what’s already happening elsewhere, you’re being lazy. And in failing to provide your visitors with any real hook, they’ll have no reason to keep coming back to you, when so many others are doing exactly what you’re doing. Quality web content is not and should not be easy to produce and publish.

4. Giving or Taking?

Last but not least, after evaluating what your site presents in terms of first and indeed second impressions, is it a site that is clearly offering something of value to visitors? Are you giving them something they want and/or need, or have you made it clear that you are more about taking? To make it obvious from the very first moment that you are primarily concerned with selling, earning money and generally benefiting from your customers’ time and attention is to deliver entirely the wrong message. Quite to the contrary, it should be more a case of them feeling as if you are offering something far too good for them to possibly pass up.

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