Which type of content will deliver longer-term benefits

What’s the best type of content to post on a business website? Topical news, or more generic information-based blogs? Well, the answer depends on what you want to achieve and where you intend to post your content. If your business is looking for instant impact, then topical news posts will definitely cut the mustard on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. However, if your business is looking to build trust and engage with its audience over the longer term, then information-based blogs are a better bet.

The advantages and drawbacks of topical content

Topical news content that works well on social media sites and can gain businesses a significant amount of traction and publicity if the news story referenced is relevant. However, old news is effectively no news, and it quickly loses impact. If the content is really topical it might retain traction for a week or so, but time moves on, so the impact of news-based content wains quickly. The major advantage of topical news-based content is that it can become popular very quickly and will often be widely shared by social media users. It’s therefore valuable to businesses, but it should be remembered that its marketing value is time-limited.

The advantages of information-based content

More generic, information-based content, like ‘how to’ blogs and ‘top tips’, might not make an immediate impact, but they tend to gain traction further down the line. Articles on how to build the perfect website or top tips on contemporary garden design might not set the world alight on Facebook and Twitter, but they add longer-lasting value.  Generic blogs are, in a sense, slow-burners. People are always looking for relevant information on all sorts of different topics, and information-based articles which provide this information will definitely get plaudits in the fullness of time.

If a generic article is really useful and informative, it will get shared over and over again, and this will help a business gather backlinks and thereby improve its ranking on search engines. What’s more, as generic content remains relevant, it will often get picked up by social media sites at a later date and be shared by a new audience.

Topical or generic content: which is best for business?

Both types of content can provide a return on investment for businesses. Topical news will play well with audiences, provided that the subject is relevant to your business, and will provide some traction for your brand. However, that traction and impact will by definition be short-lived. If you’re looking for longer-term value and the best return on investment, then ‘evergreen’ or information-based content will serve your purposes best. Good generic content will offer longer-term returns through greater search engines visibility, increased backlinks and it also can offer an immediate impact should your content be picked up on social channels at a later date.

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