10 E-Commerce Statistics You Simply Have to Know

The way in which e-commerce has grown and evolved over the past few years alone is truly remarkable. Even the most optimistic of observers didn’t see things progressing nearly as quickly as they in fact have – e-commerce to a large extent having already taken over as the new norm.

So for those involved on the business side of things and looking to really make the most of the e-commerce revolution, here is a quick introduction to 10 mind- blowing statistics you simply have to know:

1 – Last year, 22% of men made purchases via their Smartphones compared to 18% of women (Business Insider Intelligence)

So if you thought it was primarily women that were fuelling the e-commerce revolution, you can very much think again!

2 – Almost exactly one third (33%) of e-commerce sales in the United Kingdom happened after 6pm (IMRG)

Suffice to say, a statistic that illustrates the true value of timing promotions and specials as strategically as possible.

3 – According to research carried out in the United States, two-thirds of people over the age of 50 now shop with online retailers (Pew).

It may have been younger age groups that sparked the online shopping revolution, but is abundantly clear that older age groups are fast following suit.

4 – Not only do tablet PC users statistically spend more money online than PC users, but are also around three-times more likely to make an online purchase than Smartphone users (Adobe)

Ask yourself – are you really targeting the most valuable device users?

5 – Approximately half of all parents who shop online state that they prefer buying products which support charities or good causes (Fort Mill Times)

It doesn’t cost a great deal to offer even a minor donation to charity with each purchase made – the difference it can make in terms of conversion rates however…enormous.

6 – The millennial age group – those aged 18 to 34 – spends more with online retailers on a global basis than any other age group.

Considering the fact that these are far from the highest earners, statistically speaking, this is a rather surprising statistic.

7 – In the United States, approximately 25% of all online shoppers are over the age of 55 (Business Insider Intelligence)

Again, a statistic to prompt a genuine rethink in the demographic/s you are targeting with your business.

8 – Believe it or not, simply adding a smiley face to a Facebook post can increase shares by as much as 33% and increase post likes up to 57%. (Hubspot)

You don’t want to get carried away with smiley faces everywhere, but on posts of importance, go for it!

9 – An incredible 90% of online shoppers say that online reviews and testimonials in general influence what they buy and where they buy it from (Marketing Land)

A statistic that perfectly illustrates the power and importance of customer reviews.

10 – Right now, approximately three-quarters of all online shoppers (74%) base the majority of their online purchase decisions on what they hear via social media (Mobstac)

Getting the right message and information on social media really has the potential to work wonders for any e-commerce business.

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