10 Must-Have Features for your Company Website

When creating or designing a new website for your company, it is ideal that you have a creative digital agency to do the work for you. If you own a business, whether it be large or small, have limited knowledge when it comes to the necessary features for your company website. An effective website can create sales, build new leads and reach conversion goals. A poor website, however, can have the opposite effect.

Must-have Features for your Company Website

As the owner of a business, you should have a general idea of the key features your website should have based on the needs of your company. Here are 10 key features that you should consider when creating your new company website.

1. Home

The homepage is the first thing people will see when visiting your company website. This is why it is important to have these key features. Your logo should be at the header for identification purposes, as well as the company phone number. Live chat is getting more popular too, so it may be a good idea to have this on your homepage.

The main menu is, of course, essential for helping your visitors navigate around the website. On top of this, there should be a header that summarises your company in just a few creative words. A header image is not essential but is a visual way to demonstrate what your business is about to visitors. And of course, do not forget a clear call to action so that your visitors know how to get in touch.

2. Footer

The footer is found at the end of the page and is on every page on the website. This tends to include your contact information, social media links, newsletter signup options and a second menu that sends visitors to the main pages. This allows the customer to continue navigating throughout the website after looking through a full page of content.

3. Services or Products

This primarily focuses on specific products or services that your business provides. Make sure your main services are categorised with smaller or sub-services contained within it. You can then create pages for this under the main service page. You may also want a case studies page to demonstrate your previous work.

4. Location

This should include a map so that visitors can see the location of your office or shop. This helps the visitor to get a clear idea of where your business is based as opposed to looking at an address only. With Google Maps, this can be easily added to your website.

5. Contact

This should go on the same page as your map location. This page should include your business address and hours. Many visits will head over to your website for the sole purpose of finding this information.

6. About

This is the page where you get to tell your story. You can be creative here, but do not forget important information such as your company history, awards, photos, etc.

7. Privacy Policy

Though no one tends to read this, it is important if you want to build trust between your business and the visitor. As a business, your website will receive a lot of information from your customers. This page must explain in clear detail how this information is used.

8. FAQs

It would not be surprising if your business were to receive the same few questions from potential customers or clients. Having an FAQ page means you can have the answers ready without them needing to get in touch. This can save time for you and the customer but be sure to let them know that you are only a phone call away if they are in need of more information.

9. Blogs

The blog page should start with the latest post at the top and work backwards from there. If someone wishes to share a blog post, it is important that you have social media share buttons for this to be done with a simple click. Finally, you may want to consider a comments section at the end so that visitors can engage in conversation with your company and one other. This helps build a closer relationship with you and your visitors.

10. Mobile Version

We have spoken before about the importance of mobile responsive websites. Without this feature, it will not survive. We are now in a world where the majority of us are looking at websites through our mobile devices. A business website that cannot fit onto a mobile screen will suffer in the long-run.

Talk to Search and More

So there you have it. A list of key features for your company website that is essential if you want to succeed online. As we have said, having a creative digital agency to put together a sleek and stylish website is a strong step in the right direction. Search and More can help with every aspect of your digital footprint, from building your brand to designing a full website that will wow visitors. Contact us today to find out more and get the best local SEO for business.

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