10 Tips To Generate Quality Links To Your Local Website, Part 2.

We’ve all heard the fallacy of ‘epic content’; but how are you supposed to create a 5,000 word thought-leading piece regularly as a local business on a tight budget?

Or if you are in an industry with the chance of viral content production.

In the previous post, we talked about how to put your spin on things, so your efforts have far-reaching effects. In this concluding section, we’ll look at some of the more ways of driving quality links and traffic to your local business site. You may have to knock on a few doors, but I can assure you that it will be worth it.

Link Sleuthing.

With all the chatter about SEO being dead, your competition has probably given up on building links. But as the search engines update in cycles, it may take a while for their rankings to waiver. Now is the time for you to position yourself for the top ranking.

By reverse engineering your competition, you can see and quality links they have.


If the link profile is the only difference between your sites, acquiring similar links can put you on an equal footing with them. Reverse engineering is straightforward, it comprises of only four steps:

  • Gather a list of competing sites that have better rankings than you, using Moz’s Open Site Explorer, Majestic SEO or aHrefs.
  • Reverse engineer their link profiles.
  • Compile the links into a list.
  • Work through the list and find the links you can replicate.

In doing this, exercise a degree of caution about seemingly ‘juicy’ links. Take the time to click through and look at the domain that the link is from and at the context of the backlink. Answer these questions: is it credible looking, relevant to your business, or relevant to your locality, before you make the decision.

Mutual Customer Referral.

By mutually referring clients to other local businesses, you can increase footfall to stores, increase your pool of prospects, and create loyal customer bases. For this to work, the service must be complementary and must be of high quality. It may be something your customers have expressed a desire for but you have no plans of offering as a service.

Presenting the opportunity to refer customers to a like-minded business owner can be a win for all concerned. By providing a solution for your customers, you increase your perceived value. The strong business relationships that are built can be taken online, with a mutual link exchange.

Create A Resource.

In a bid to make yourself the go-to person in your region, you can create a local resource. This resource, (which can be crowd-sourced) will send good local link signals while positioning you as the expert that visitors are looking for.

The resource might be one page filled with local information and news or a stand-alone web property. Either way, creating and promoting an awesome resource can earn you links from the official city or borough and the Press.

Not sure what to write about? Brainstorm a list of things that are unique to your city. Guides to pubs, guides to shopping, attractions, or how to plan a fun family day out; anything that shows off the cool part of your city.

Note that this resource must be a quality asset; remember you’re trying to connect with people who actually live in the region. Any attempt at passing off poor content as fact can be regarded as town-bashing.

Got the facts? Now head to where the members of your target community hang out. Use Facebook Interests, find city run pages, use Twitter hashtags, Instagram tags; find them and share the resource. If it’s any good, they’ll be glad to pass it on, and possibly visit your business too.

Win Awards or At Least Get Involved.

Almost every city has a Chamber of Commerce that hands out some type of local business award. In some cities, such awards are run by the local paper or even a dedicated awards organisation.

To find opportunities in your region, do a Google search of:

  1. “city + awards”.
  2. “Nominate a business + region”.
  3. “Best Business type + City”.

These search strings can unearth a tonne of potentially lucrative links that you can nominate your business for. Take the time to find awards that are a good fit for your business. Be sure to read the fine print and see if you have to win or if a mere nomination is enough to get mentioned.

Use Google.

Remember Google Places? Then Google + Local? It’s now called Google My Business, and to rank in local results, it’s important that you claim your listing. Sign up for a free account and completely fill out your profile. Be sure to include pictures and videos about your business and optimise your description with keywords describing your industry and business.

According to research from Google, you’re 75% more likely to be viewed as an established business if you have an optimised listing. With your listing complete, put it on Google Maps.

There you have it; ten tips that are tailored to get more links to your website. The offline methods allow you to create awareness and get real humans in your store while increasing visits to your online presence. They are also relatively free to implement, so you don’t go out of pocket while testing what works.

Do you agree with them? Have you tried any of them? Do you need more strategies to rank at the top of your local listings? Contact Search and More and speak with a professional on 0161 669 5544.

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