10 Tips To Generate Quality Links To Your Local Website, Part 1.

Are you tired of conflicting info about marketing online?

Is getting your brand in front of prospects taking more than 20 hours of your time?

Developing a strategy that3 works for local businesses CAN be tricky.

The amount of important factors at play, the way they are applied to the site, the state of the search engines; all these can make marketing difficult. Knowing the right social signals to use, producing fresh content, acquiring authority links regularly, building influencer relationships are all important; but focusing on only these won’t get you far.

Even with a reasonable budget, you have to earn the right links. That takes time. Small business owners usually don’t want to hear that. They want page one rankings ASAP. This is where many fall victim to spammy link building tactics and a rapid loss of rankings.

Instead, Search and More will show you ten tips that you can use with traditional link building methods to get quality, faster rankings for your business.

Earning the right links for your local business can quickly increase your profits.

1. It is vital that business owners understand the Big Picture and how the links you obtain can impact your ranking. We advise you to get an idea of the competition in your niche. Are the keywords you want to rank for dominated by Amazon and WebMD? Will your audience respond better to memes or instructional videos? Do they readily opt-in for gated content?

Taking the time to understand the ‘moving parts’ of your ranking strategy will help you to create more effective marketing campaigns.

2. Part of understanding the big picture is finding what makes your business special. Why should prospects come to you instead of your competitors? Examine your business model and suss out what you makes you stand out, (it’s never about being the cheapest).

Knowing this provides a unique angle for your marketing; it practically creates a map for you. It helps you pinpoint your ideal prospect, and where or how they can be reached etc.

3. Correct site architecture is still a major issue for many small businesses. There are still html-based sites that look and respond as if they were built in 1998. Simple things like using a professional theme, the right type of images, and appealing colours can make the difference between losing a prospect and closing a sale.

Your layout and navigation must also be in line with your goals for the site. Working on attracting links to your site when your basic navigation and on-page SEO is a mess, is a waste of time and resources.

4. Having a mobile-responsive website is the first step in being available to users on the go. Creating an adaptive site is the next step. If you think about it, someone viewing your site on the move will have slightly different needs than when they are at home. For, example, they may not be interested in your 4,000 word ‘epic’ post, but providing a short, scannable synopsis for mobile users will get your content easily read.

An adaptive site adapts to the context of the device it’s viewed on and shows key details such as the nearest physical address, directions, or a phone number for your business.

5. Content is still a mainstay of online marketing. Drawing up a content calendar around the right keywords, events in the industry, thought leadership should already be a standard part of your marketing arsenal. But many marketers fail to measure the effect of the content they produce.

Simple methods like using Google Analytics to measure the (net) number of unique visitors per month, or even tracking metrics like shares and likes, will give you an idea of the efficacy of a particular type of content. Collect data; it can improve content marketing efforts.

6. Remember that the Google spiders basically care about context of linking domains and their authority. Therefore focus on getting high quality links; also forget about using keyword-rich anchor text. Use these links to build a branded backlink profile.

Instead of spammy press releases, try to get links from the actual press.

Help A Reporter Out sends out daily emails with journalists looking for stories. Contact those that interest you and you can be on your way to getting a quality link that will boost your site profile.

Did you know you could take advantage of local Chambers of Commerce and get high value links by being featured on strategic pages? Have you claimed your spot on Google My Business? Join us next week for the concluding part of this article and more ingenious ways to get those important links.

We hope you found this list useful and learned something new. Stay tuned for awesome local marketing tips from Search and More.

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