3 free ways to choose keywords for your business

Keywords are an important aspect of SEO. Even when you think you know your niche, it can be confusing and overwhelming to consider every possible key phrase, word and term to include within your web content. Today we share three easy to use tools to help you to narrow down your selection and more effectively target customers online.

Google Keyword Planner

This is a great starting place when searching for keywords – and by far one of the easiest to use and most accessible available for business owners. It’s free and offers valuable insight straight from the horse’s mouth – which is interesting given that this is one of very few tools available from Google, that doesn’t like to give away much when it comes to insider info or trade secrets. This easy to use interface allows you to conduct low level, basic but useful research using your website URL or a self-specified keyword. Simply set up an Adwords account and follow the steps to access the information.


This tool is great for a type of keyword known as ‘long tail’ – usually phrases or questions attached to one key term or phrase. These types of keywords are useful to know when putting together a content marketing or blogging strategy. Simply start with one keyword (such as ‘natural skincare’ or ‘Italian food’) and then explore the list of long tail variations that come up. Some may surprise you – which is the idea with this type of keyword research. It’s important to be completely clued up and obtain a more accurate picture of what types of things your potential clientele are searching for online.

Google trends

Another fantastic gift from Google – Google Trends is a fairly new tool that offers plenty of insight for business owners. You can get quite specific on Google Trends, as it enables you to enter locations, categories and search history info. You’ll then receive a host of incredibly useful and dynamic data, including trend insights, authority sources and related keywords and phrases. The main difference between Google Keyword Planner and Trends is that here you’ll receive an accurate picture including interest regarding a keyword, influencers and roots behind trends and sources of traffic alongside complementary associated keywords. The interactive graphs and charts are easy to interpret and great for anyone new to SEO as visual aids often simplify and enhance a process that can feel complicated and overwhelming.

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