3 Google Ads Tips for Small Businesses

In many cases, small companies find themselves struggling to be seen in such competitive markets dominated by big names. Cost per click is one of the biggest obstacles faced by small businesses. But while it may be difficult, this does not mean to say that it is impossible. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of creativity to be seen.

Google Ads Tips for Small Businesses

This week, we shall be discussing some of the strategies that are being undertaken by many small businesses. These tactics and approaches are helping many of these businesses get a leg up in the markets that are dominated by the big guns.

Narrow your Efforts

Something we always say to each of our clients is that the search terms they want to be found in are too broad. It is far too common for a printing company to want to be the first result for a search on business cards. However, even with a big budget, popular brands are likely to swoop in and steal the show.

So, what should you do? Think in more depth about the services you sell. Do people come to you because you have something different to offer? For example, instead of competing for the search term “business cards”, use more detail such as “square gloss business cards”. And don’t forget to think local! Many users search for businesses within the area, so make sure you’re making yourself easy to find. You will likely find that narrowing down what it is that you have to offer can even leave you with extra money in your pocket.

Everyone loves a sample

This can depend on the kind of business you happen to be. If you have a new product that you know works, but no one has tried it, how can you expect people to vouch for you? However, if you look in any magazine, you will see many pages with samples attached for people to try. This marketing method has been effective long before the days of PPC.

However, whether it be offline or online, you can use digital marketing to give people a taste of what you have to offer. If you have a product that simply won’t sell, a simple landing page to request a free sample can help sway online users to come back and shop with you. The same applies for service. Many like to test out free trials before they make any big investments. So, let people try your services for a limited time before they make any big commitments! Samples and trials help to build trust between yourself and a customer. Once they trust you and invest, they’re more than likely to recommend you to others.

Leverage Google Ads with Other Marketing

When some small businesses moan about being unable to compete with big brands, they aren’t looking at it on a large scale. They often analyse their Google Ads conversions, look at what they are spending and then decide that they’re wasting money. As a result, they prematurely shut down their PPC efforts. However, making ROI decisions at the account level isn’t the smartest move.

Instead, you should be thinking broadly. Specifically, you should be thinking about how you can use other marketing strategies to further leverage your Google Ads spend. If you’re spending £40 per ad and have an average sale of £40, this may be considered a waste of time and money. However, one new customer could become a returning customer. This means that the first purchase is merely a reimbursement for your ad spend. The rest is profit. When you receive a new customer or client, you should analyse what they purchased and when. This will enable you to remarket to them in the future, bringing in more sales!

The lesson here? Leveraging your PPC leads with other approaches to marketing can bring in even more ROI than you would first assume.

Now it’s your turn to get Creative!

We would be lying if we said that competing with big name brands in search is easy. However, it isn’t something you should give up on! By narrowing your efforts, trying new approaches and leveraging other strategies of marketing, you may be onto a winner.

Of course, not all small businesses have the time to get creative with advertising when they need to focus on providing a high-quality service to their existing customers. This is where we come in. At Search and More, we specialise in creating the right social media strategy, fit for your business. To learn more about how we can help build your brand through creative digital marketing, get in touch.

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