3 Quick Tips For Digital Marketing On A Budget.

Fact: if you run a small business and want to reach the widest possible audience then at some stage or other you will have to embrace digital marketing.

Unfortunately, whilst that statement may be true it also presents the majority of small businesses with a problem.

The key to reaching the widest audience is to skilfully and adeptly combine content, social media and search engine optimisation – the great marketing triumvirate, and that, unfortunately, will cost you money. So what can you do if you can’t afford to pay for expert SEO help and advice? What should you do if you’re hesitant about paying for Google AdWords or Facebook ads? The answer is you can follow these 3 simple tips to dramatically improve your digital reach.

Analyse, analyse, analyse.

The key to better engagement is insight. You need to know what marketing strategies work and which don’t. To get those insights you’ll need to carefully study your analytics. Now that might sound like a bit of a tall order and a job better suited to experts, but there are numerous free analytics apps that can help you measure social reach. Apps like Iconosquare and Simply Measured will help your business organise and measure the total number of likes your business has generated, as well as flagging up your most-liked posts, the average number of likes/comments per post, geographically-charted follower location and other vital metrics for social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you can afford to spend a little you can get some extra help from analytics websites like Alexa.com and Social Bakers which will provide valuable insights about your digital traffic and audience, the latest updates on regional trends and optimal SEO strategies.

Concentrate on the visual.

During the last 6 months visual marketing and sharing has been the big trend on social media channels. That’s why visual platforms like Instagram and Vibe have prospered at the apparent expense of both Facebook and Twitter. Naturally YouTube is the king of the hill in that particular niche, generating the highest post-click engagement and lowest post-click bounce rate of any social media platform.
Why is visual marketing so engaging? Well, it’s simply that it’s more expressive and appealing. You can say most things with words, but with images and pictures you can say anything. The added bonus of platforms like YouTube and Instagram is that rely predominantly on user-generated content to engage fans. That can help to build an audience and keeps costs down too.

Actively embrace the hashtag.

Social media audiences, particularly those of a younger vintage, will ignore dull and bland content. What they want is something different: something inspiring and creative. The hashtag is the perfect means of delivering this type of engaging content. Hashtags have the ability to engage. Indeed, well-crafted hashtags can not only improve your visibility, but help you improve relationships with customers. If you can use them successfully you’ll be able to drive new readers to your social media presence, and therefore be given an opportunity to engage with them. So try to come up with a new and unique hashtag-branded idea which will develop your brand image and build an emotional connection with your audience.

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