3 SEO sites to sign up to in 2018

Need a little advice to help you to better understand the benefits and inner workings of SEO? These three expert-led internet marketing sites offer up seminars, information and tools to help you to learn more about SEO and better direct professional partners for more fruitful results.


Moz is famed for its holistic approach to marketing that uses intelligent insights to form sophisticated SEO strategies. It offers a supportive and inclusive environment for both expert SEO professionals and business owners. This provides a solid set of tools and courses that can help budding learners on any level to improve. Topical articles discuss current trends and up to date techniques, and a community of professionals support members via online forums and chats. Core products include advanced analytical tools, link building programmes and page optimisation guidance.


SEMRush provides a host of sophisticated tools used by professionals and business owners alike. This is to ensure that on-site SEO is maximised and properly implemented. Many of these facilities may on the surface appear to be complex. However, there are plenty that can easily be learned via tutorials and online support. Specifically tools that enable in-depth competitor research, breakdowns in visitor profiles and keyword opportunities can greatly enhance and focus your approach for a more targeted strategy.

Answer The Public

This site has a very specific set of SEO tools – meaning it’s best suited for businesses looking for inspiration regarding high-traffic landing pages, articles and blogs. The majority of search terms queried on Google involve questions. How do I? When do I? What does? Why? For this reason companies that need to drive traffic, specifically their target audiences, to their site have to consider how content will attract and then satisfy readers. Answerthepublic provides an easy way to locate the highest-ranking queries on Google with just one keyword. This is a simple and useful method for businesses to determine headlines for content. They can then create and optimise to claim their share of relevant traffic. It also takes the time and headache out of consistently coming up with new content that will speak to potential clients and benefit your business from an SEO perspective.

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