4 common issues that cause high bounce rates (and how to fix them)

You’ve had your website built, you’ve carefully considered each element and now you’re ready to launch. You start to promote your products and services online – but analytics show that whilst the prospect of your website appears to be attractive to potential customers, the reality of it is less appealing but a digital marketing agency in Stockport can help.

High bounce rates plague some businesses – especially those that are actively spending money on PPC campaigns and other forms of promotion to drive traffic to their site. More often than not a high bounce rate is simple to fix – but it requires insight and investigation to root out the causes behind it.

You’re targeting the wrong audiences

Audience is number one on the list for a reason – as really everything you do online must centre around your key demographic. What do they want or need? How can you provide them with that? What do you want them to do? Answering any of the above questions without accuracy can lead to high bounce rates – simply because the wrong people are clicking through to your site in the mistaken belief that it offers them something they want. On the flip side, your potential customers can’t find you online or don’t connect with you when they do because they haven’t been properly targeted which is why you need SEO services.

Your website design and user experience is poor

Hard to navigate sites often attract high bounce rates – simply because visitors can’t work out how to get what they want or find where they want to go quickly. This is usually down to poor site layout and design – and could irritate potential customers who just want to be able to find what they are looking for and engage with your company in some shape or form. Your job is to make it as easy as possible for them to do that – and then spend money with you which makes responsive web design a great investment for ROI.

Your landing pages and home pages need a rethink

Your home page or landing page is your first impression – and as the saying goes, first impressions really do count. If your landing page is gaudy, unprofessional, poorly designed or riddled with spelling mistakes, it’s unlikely to attract positive attention or compel visitors to stay awhile, look around and come back for more at a later stage. Increasingly fickle users will react rapidly to negative experiences online – so if they don’t like what they see, they’ll usually leave because your website design isn’t appealing to them or has functionality issues.

Slow load times and technical issues are making an impact

We’ve all been there – waiting for what feels like a lifetime for a page to load as our patience wears thinner with each tiny movement of the loading bar. This is incredibly off-putting for anyone trying to access your site – as they are likely to want to acquire information or make a booking or purchase quickly. From an SEO perspective it’s not ideal either, as Google actively penalises sites with slow load times. Broken links are also an issue – because if visitors can’t get where they want to go, they’re likely to leave the site altogether.

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