4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using Micro-Content.

What’s the best and most sure-fire way of attracting and engaging with your online audience?

Well, simply producing and sharing high-quality content. Great content will not only help your business attract and engage audiences; it will also help you to build and nurture the relationship between your business and your audience.

What’s the best type of content to share?

Well, how long have you got? It is basically anything which informs and educates; that is, information, insight or helpful advice that resonates with readers. Whether you choose to share this content via blogs, e-books, articles, podcasts or infographics is, to some extent, irrelevant. What matters is that you share the information in ways that readers find useful and convenient.

If you are already sharing content through social media channels, then you probably think your job is done, but there could be one increasingly important element of online marketing strategies that you are overlooking — namely, micro-content. What is micro-content? Well, it’s essentially a short abstract of your full content: it can include everything from images, illustrations and graphics to mini-data visualisations and infographics. Micro-content encompasses everything from a short quote from a blog post, an interesting abstract of an infographic, or even a short Vine clip from a video interview.

Why is micro-content becoming increasingly important? Well, that’s simply down to the rise of content sharing on social networks. Micro-content can be very useful in helping your business connect with your audience. If you can provide your audience with shareable content, then this can go some way to helping you increase your social reach.
Most businesses will feel they already have enough on their plates, and will therefore baulk at the thought of taking on further duties and responsibilities, but those worries are unnecessary. Creating micro-content isn’t as onerous as you might think, but the pay-off will definitely be worth it.

4 reasons why you should be using micro-content:

Micro-content is quick to produce.

Creating micro-content is quick and easy. In fact it will probably take a fraction of the time it takes to create a full blog post. The advantage is that it offers the same benefits with less effort. Because of that you will easily be able to sustain the strategy, even at the busiest times of the year.

Micro-content is the gateway to greater audience engagement.

Micro-content is valuable because it provides a sort of entry-level portal to your business’ content. It condenses the most valuable information into bite-sized pieces. It also gives your audience a snapshot of what you’ve got to offer, and hopefully this will then encourage them to go on and explore what else you’ve got to offer.

Micro-content can increase the lifespan of your content.

Once a blog post, is created and shared with an audience, it’s done its job. You may possibly be able to use it once or twice more in the future, but you then run the risk of oversharing. The last thing you want to do is give the impression to your audience that you’re a one trick pony with little else to say. With micro-content you can break that blog post, or infographic, down into 5 or 6 chunks, and easily share it over and over again.

Micro-content increases share-ability.

Micro-content is perfectly suited for sharing on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The problem with long blogs and lengthy white papers is that many social media users are reluctant to share them. If you’re providing them with valuable and interesting statistics or fun facts and inspirational quotes, social users are much more likely to share this information and that’s an ideal way of expanding your business content’s social reach.

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