4 Steps To Capture More Leads This Halloween.

Its Halloween.

The kids out tonight know what they want. Candy by the fistful!

With your business, what do YOU want? What is your main priority with your marketing efforts?

Most B2B companies simply want to generate qualified leads. So why do 61% of marketers report that generating high quality leads is a problem for their organisation?

Lead gen, you know the process of capturing new prospects so you can market your product to them down the sales line. It shouldn’t be that hard. Or should it? You may be doing all the ‘right’ things: posting on Facebook, offering helpful Slideshare decks, maybe even creating helpful demo videos for YouTube.

So why are new leads so ‘hard to acquire’?

81% of marketers agree that email marketing is the most effective lead gen channel. We happen to agree, so lets start from here.

How do you get signups on your site? Like many, I’m sure you link off to a Contact Us form somewhere on your site, right? Big mistake.

A serious catch-22, but did you know your Contact Us page can hinder your lead gen efforts, especially when it’s your sole source.

The following are the proven steps we have used to transform client sites to lead magnets:

‘Lose’ That Pop-Up.

Some marketers swear by pop-up boxes, and marketers are divided on their use and efficiency. In our opinion, they have a time and place where they are effective. Using a pop-up opt-in or hover box with a delay (70 seconds to two minutes), will vastly increase your subscriber count. What people don’t like is having to deal with an opt-in as soon as they land on your page. Give them time to read the content, then offer them the chance.

If you are still sceptical about using pop-ups, opt-in boxes in the sidebar of your page work just as well. The top right of your landing page is a proven lead generator. Visitors see it when they arrive and can choose to go back to it. Some themes and plug-ins offer opt-in boxes that scroll down the side of the page as the visitor reads the content.

Appeal To Many Prospects.

At any given time, not all your website visitors are ready to buy. Studies estimate only about 10% are actually in a buying stage at any given time. This doesn’t mean you ignore the remaining 90%. they landed on that page with intent; guide them towards your sales funnel. Offer them something; instead of a call to action like “contact us NOW for a quote”, use any of these:

  • ‘Register for our next webinar’
  • ‘Sign up for a free sample’
  • ‘Subscribe today for more helpful tips’

Creating broad calls-to-action can be a pain, but if you master it, you can plug your leaking sales funnel.

‘Can I Speak To Someone’.

A prominently displayed phone number goes a long way in improving your trust factor. It also helps with branding and showing credibility. B2B and e-commerce businesses, in particular, need to display this trust factor.

Now, don’t go hiding your number on some obscure page on your site. Tried and tested places to place it include in a sidebar or as a design element in your header. This allows visitors to see it on every page of your site; especially if they get confused about anything. To clear up any confusion, they simply dial your number. Remember they are on your site for a reason and they are interested enough to enquire further. Don’t make it hard for them.

Remember the previous tip about 90% tire kickers? Some of them only need to pick up the phone and hear a human talk them through any reservations and they will be your next customer.

Web Form Disaster.

Do you track how you acquire leads? I hope you do. Your opt-in form can make or mar your lead gen efforts. From crappy design to too many fields, the opt-in form can make or mar the lead gen process. Use this checklist to fix your form:

  • A clean minimalist design – On your opt-in forms, ensure all fields are labelled correctly. Ensure there is plenty of white space to aid legibility.
  • Two fields’ll do – Two fields are enough to capture the info you need; their name and email. Reduce any resistance prospects might feel by showing them a simple form.
  • Test colours – We all know the big yellow ‘Submit’ buttons, but these days it is easy to customise your colours. Also use words in line with the perceived impact; use phrases like ‘Order now’, ‘Begin your free trial’, ‘Request a quote’ etc. Use colours that stand out i.e. contrast with your web page. (see why yellow would be a bad choice for the button if your home page was yellow?)
  • Shorten the checkout process – If customers can purchase directly off your website, make it easier for them. Leading up to the checkout cart, design your site to collect all the info you need. You can also make the process fun by adding a progress meter.
Lead Nurturing.

Remember those tire kickers again? Some of them will leave their info and expect a follow up from your staff. If your follow-up is not prompt i.e. within 24 hours during the week, you may be leaving cash on the table. Employ dedicated staff to follow-up; no matter the size of your operation, you can always delegate someone to check inquiry emails and follow up.

Lead generation via email is a proven marketing method. Simplifying the opt-in process for prospects is one way to attract leads. Using an optimised website, targeted opt-in forms, even specialised software like Salesforce to manage lead gen will put your business ahead of your competition. Search and More Limited are pros at email marketing. Let’s help you, with our years of experience, craft an optimised lead-grabbin’ site, backed with email campaigns that generate sales by the fistful.

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