5 Simple SEO Tips For Boasting Page Rankings.

Anyone who runs an online business has one clear aim.

And that’s to get to the top, or at least to make it onto the first page, of search engines like Google.

If you can get a first page listing on the SERPs then you are far more likely to get reader click throughs. However, how you get that listing is shrouded in mystery. It doesn’t help that just when you think you got a grip on what you need to do, Google goes and moves the goalposts. Animal-themed updates like Panda, Penguin, and Pigeon just muddy the waters even further leaving most online businesses perplexed and confused.

So what sort of rules is Google playing by?

What is the search engine behemoth trying to achieve? Well, that part is simple to answer. It’s trying to bring the most-relevant and best quality sites to the attention of the greatest number of readers. It ultimately wants to promote quality. So in order to get that number one listing on the SERPs you’ll have to ensure that your page is the best topic-related page available.

How do you achieve that? Well, how long have you got? There are a number of things you can do to make your web page Google-friendly. That’s where SEO comes into the equation. However, not all small businesses have the necessary resources to pay for high-quality SEO. Many are just about struggling to keep their heads above the water. So if you’re working to a strict budget, are there any simple things you can do to make your website more Google-friendly? Well, actually there are. Try following these 5 simple SEO tips and see what a difference they make.

Make sure every page of your website has a different keyword.

How do you know what keyword to use for each separate page? Well, think about the content on each page. What’s the theme? What’s the essence of what you’re trying to say? Could you then distil that into one word or phrase? If you can, then that’s your keyword. That’s what Google will be looking for when it indexes your pages. The important thing to remember is that no two articles or blog posts on your pages should refer to the same thing.

Keep your blog article length consistent.

Whilst we may live in an age where ‘less’ is considered ‘more’; that rule does not apply to Google. What the search engine wants to promote is quality, and to supply the necessary quality you’ll need to provide a comprehensive source of information. That means your articles will have to be long enough to be informative. It’s impossible to say how long your articles should be, but you should generally aim for something around 500 words or more. However, what matters most is the quality of the content. The articles must be top class and very informative. Anything less and Google will not look kindly on you.

Don’t try to write for Google: write for your readers.

When you write for your website it’s important to remember who you’re writing for. It’s not you or Google; it’s your readers. So it’s important that what you write reads naturally. It should never be forced and should not try to be too clever or controversial. Avoid overstuffing your writing with overt keyword references. The point isn’t to shoehorn in keywords to attract Google; it’s to use keywords relevantly and contextually. Limit your use of keywords to the bare minimum, and make sure you get someone to look over what you’ve written before posting as a second pair of eyes can often spot errors and omissions better than you can.

Always use your keyword in titles, headers, and in meta descriptions.

Your keyword is the crucial element of your article or post, so make sure you always use it. Include it in any headers and on your title page. That applies to images on your pages too.

Give your blog post a good URL.

If you’re using WordPress, then you have the option of changing your URLs. Rather than using an automatic string of numbers like http://website.com/112233445, use a static URL like http://website.com/simple SEO-Tips? This not only looks better, but will also make it clearer to Google and readers what the topic of your article is.

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