5 Simple Ways To Increase Website Traffic.

Do you own a website? If you already do then you’ll undoubtedly know just how valuable website traffic is.

It’s crucial to the success of any online business and ultimately determines whether your internet marketing business stands or falls. So the question is how does your business go about attracting these online visitors? What simple steps can it take to ensure that more traffic visits your website?

Hopefully the following simple suggestions might help.

Give visitors an incentive to return.

The aim of any internet marketing business isn’t just about attracting visitors and persuading them to buy your goods or services: the most important thing of all is to keep them coming back. Repeat visitors are the lifeblood of any online business. The best way of attracting ‘repeat customers’ is to put a sign-up form on your website. This type of subscription form will enable visitors to sign up and receive your content at regular intervals. Now obviously the content needs to be worth signing up for, but that’s another matter. As a sweetener to persuade visitors to subscribe you could offer exclusive email access to special discounts and promotions for the customers who sign on the dotted line. Email is an incredibly cost-effective medium for driving website traffic. However, even special offers won’t necessarily bring in the extra visitors, so you’ll need to test and retest their effectiveness. Try the subscription form on different areas of your site, and try different wording or colouring so that you can establish which is most effective.

Welcome new visitors and automate processes.

Everybody needs to feel welcome – even website visitors. Make your new visitors feel wanted and valued by writing a special welcome message – that applies to both the email subscription and the social media page. Don’t just invite your visitors to sign up to your Facebook or Twitter page; give them something that will make signing up worthwhile, whether that’s a special discount or an offer of access to future exclusive promotions. Once you have decided what your welcome message will say, automate the process using one of any number of automated welcome programmes.

Make analytics work for you.

Data is one of the most valuable assets your online business has access to. It will give you all the information you’ll need to establish which offers work and draw in subscribers and which don’t. Use your metrics to establish which promotions and sign-up campaigns are most-effective, and use this information as the basis of future campaigns.

Fill your site with compelling content.

If you want to write the most compelling content and want your words to resonate with your visitors, then you’ll need to put yourself in their shoes. What information would you want as a customer? What questions do you want answers to? The content on your website shouldn’t simply be there to promote your goods and services, though there’s nothing wrong with that per se: what content should do is inform and inspire. Give your customers an insight into your business and outline what you do and what makes you special. Include case studies and testimonials and give answers to a list of questions that most of your customers frequently ask.

Share your content.

Your website might be full to the brim with fantastic information, but if you don’t share your content few people will ever be aware of it. Use email to make your subscribers aware of any new content you post and make sure this content is linked to your Facebook and Twitter pages. It’s important to encourage your customers to share this content with others, so make sure your subscribers feel involved in the process. Ask them for their opinions and engage with their content: the more involved they feel in the process, the more they’re likely to share.

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