5 Twitter Lessons To Help You Win At Marketing In This World Cup.

Rounding out week 3 and entering the knockout stages, the battle for the trophy heats up, on the pitches in Brazil, on your TVs and on your second screens.

With over 100 million of it’s users actively following the World Cup on Twitter, they have contributed to breaking records there. There were 16.4 million tweets related to the match between Brazil and Chile. That’s an astonishing 388, 985 tweets per minute, beating the 381, 600 messages per minute from the 2014 Super Bowl final.

With tweets from Brazil 2014, already outnumbering that from the entire 2010 tournament, the buzz of ad spend by big companies is in the air.

With Adidas earmarking a figure in ‘double digit millions’, and Nike increasing ad spend by 36%, how can smaller companies hope to make an impact on Twitter? At Search and More, we closely watch & follow trends; allowing us spot patterns that help our clients target prospects better. Following big brands, small brands, even the social media platforms, we notice the trends that leads to success.

The following are our tips on how you can cash in, via Twitter, on the World Cup buzz and boost your marketing efforts:


Preparing your brand for the onset of a major event, will ensure you are well placed to provide value to your customers. Twitter itself, posted an article listing the accounts you should follow to keep abreast of all the World Cup action. They launched World Cup themed features, like offering custom header and profile images so that you can show off your team allegiance. The reinstalment of the hashflag also encourages people to show their support the teams they love.

Live in the Moment.

The record breaking Twitter activity in the Brazil versus Chile match, 1, 481 tweets per SECOND is an astonishing figure, no matter how you look at it. It also shows just how many people were engaged in the match. Imagine the possibilities if you joined that conversation with an offer they can’t refuse? Social media is often described as a wave and how you ride it determines the impact you can have. One event that perfectly illustrates this is the reaction of brands to the Suarez incident. Snickers, SpecSavers and other brands had some quick and effective advertising wins, by quickly capitalizing on the controversial incident.

Vine with Caution.

The last thing your business wants is to be slapped with a lawsuit. Yet this has already happened quite a few times in this World Cup. FIFA is fiercely protective of its intellectual property and the interests of its sponsors. Many Vine accounts, showing videos of outstanding World Cup goals have been shut down, due to said infringement. By all means participate, but err on the side of caution.

Be Conversational.

Your business can use the trends in the World Cup as a conversation starter. With the ability to import your email list to Twitter, using their who-to-follow tool, it is easier to connect with existing customers. For those that you want to reach out to, watch for those who tweet with the tag #WorldCup, and respond to them. Businesses can use the event as an icebreaker, target new demographies and spark conversations.

Always Remember Context.

The best way to connect on Twitter is to be authentic. It is a a conversation driven platform and most attempts at manufacturing tweets fail. While we push for authenticity, never forget the context. Being a social platform, people and brands are eager to share thoughts and opinions. While you may be pleased at winning a match, remember the same outcome means defeat for the other team. This was all to evident with KLM’s mocking celebration at the Netherlands knocking out Mexico. Widely panned as a bad joke, it is a classic example of what NOT to do.

The finals of the WC will be played on July 13. and one winner will be crowned. With new players being discovered and other players gaining new followers, some can say there are already winners from this World Cup. Join the winning team and let us appraise your Twitter campaigns. Let Search and More help you connect with more prospects and increase your reach. Call us today.

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