9 Steps To Growing And Nurturing Your Email List.

How is your first list coming along?

Implemented our tips and garnered some subscribers. Your next step is to send out 50 emails plugging your service in the next two days, right? Wrong! We want you to stay fresh in their minds, but not that fresh! All that will fetch you is a massive unsubscribe rate. You will only get a phenomenal unsubscribe rate, and be labelled spammer of the decade.

Email marketing, done right, will keep you ahead of your competition and in the good books of your readers.

Email can be used to target, engage, and convert new and existing customers. Remember that the objective of email marketing is to guide your prospects in the direction you want. The following are our recommended tips for doing this:-

1. Open with a warm welcome email.

Warm, but packed with information. Tell them what they can expect by being on your list and make them long for the next one. Your email can be presented as a newsletter, where you aim to educate them with every edition. You can throw in an offer for a promotion after the first few emails, but make sure it is for an irresistible offer.

2. Segment lists.

As your list grows, you will find that people behave in different ways. Some people will have purchased your offers, some will never have opened your emails. Pitching the same coupon at someone who has previously used it may not sit well with them. Most email platforms allow you to segment and sort your list into groups. This allows you send more targeted messages to previous customers and even unresponsive prospects.

3. Use Strong subject lines.

The subject line is the first thing your prospect sees when they get your emails. From short two-word subject lines to lengthy ones, a study showed that emails that showed actual benefits got opened 96% of the time. The lesson here is to use your subject lines to convey that the information is one the recipient needs to know but keep it succinct.

4. Use the right Call-to-Action – Every email you send must have a purpose. Based on your relationship and their responses thus far, you can use your CTA to ask for them to follow you on Twitter, get a steep discount as a repeat customer, download a freebie as a new sign-up. Don’t send ‘dead’ emails.

5. Create with your audience.

Not sure of what they want? This is where segmenting and targeting your offers comes to play. Include polls in your emails. The answers you get from different segments will help you create content tailored to their specific needs.

6. Show your human side.

Yes, adding a humorous tone (where appropriate), in your emails lets your subscribers feel like they are chatting with a real person. Some businesses take this over the top and use tabloid-style email subject lines. We advice you to stick with sensible subject lines. Local businesses can include a picture of your team. It fosters a familiar spirit when they bump into you on the High Street.

7. Over-deliver.

You attracted them with a piece of content that they needed. How can you wow them more? Offering discounts is one way, but how about blowing their minds and offering a totally free consultation? You can even make it a sweepstakes of sorts and offer it to the first three people to reply you with their problems.

8. Easy Unsubscribe.

Make it easy for them to unsubscribe. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If your offering isn’t in line with what they want, that fine. It lets you focus on the engaged customers who want to be on your list. Besides, it is the law.

Following these steps to nurture your list, will give you engaged subscribers. We advice that you measure as many stats as you can. See which subject lines work best, which promotions they click through on, which type of email gets opened etc. tweaking and improving on your wins will increase your overall ROI.

The experts at Search and More are skilled at creating campaigns that deliver results. Building an engaged email list and managing the follow-up sequence is right up our alley. Call us today!

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