Appealing to Millennials Without Going to Extremes

It’s often said that from a business perspective, appealing to millennials is extremely difficult. Which it is, if you are foolish enough to assume that you can appeal to millennials by following the exact same marketing process as you’d use to appeal to other audiences. It’s not that the millennial market is difficult to reach – it’s just that you have to make adjustments accordingly.

And it’s no different than it has ever been. After all, would you really expect an ad campaign for 12-year-old girls to have much of an impact on 75-year-old retired men. If you are out to appeal to millennials, you need to think about what exactly will be needed to engage this unique demographic.

Shift to Online Focus

For example, it’s worth tailoring your entire approach to cater to the fact that millennials do absolutely everything online. When they want some information, intend to purchase something, want to get in touch with somebody, search for entertainment and pretty much everything else across the board, the Internet really is the be all and end all for millennials. Unless you have your eye on a somewhat smaller and inevitably less lucrative hipster market, you can likely forget about appealing to millennials by way of traditional advertising and communication channels.

Assume Every Customer Is Mobile

Not only do millennials spend their entire lives connected, but they tend to do so primarily or exclusively by way of mobile devices. No generation in history has been glued to personal technology on a 24/7 basis quite like millennials.  Which can of course be advantageous, as this means you have a 24/7 means by which to get your message to your chosen demographic. If this is the audience you intend to tap into, you need to make the assumption that literally every customer that comes your way is mobile, rather than simply catering to mobile markets as an afterthought.

Consider Paid Social Ads on Facebook

According to the latest round of statistics, the amount of time the average user spends surgically attached to Facebook every day is approaching 1 hour.  Considering there are only 24 hours in each day, it’s a borderline frightening level of commitment/dependency. Contrary to the cries of critics, the power and reach of social media is only escalating at an astronomical rate on a global basis. Paid advertising via Facebook gives you the unique opportunity to directly target your ideal customers at the perfect time with the perfect marketing materials, ensuring that not a penny of your marketing spending goes to waste.

Facebook gives you something that not every online advertising platform does — and that’s access to virtually every single consumer worldwide. It takes some testing, but once you develop a successful campaign it’s easy to scale because of the sheer audience volume available.

Focus on Your Brand Story

Last up, traditional advertising has absolutely no impact on millennials whatsoever. They cannot stand the hard sell, they aren’t fooled by deals or discounts and nor can you convince them they want to buy something on the merits of the product or service alone. By contrast, storytelling has huge power over millennial audiences. Rather than selling your products and services, sell your story in a manner that sells your brand as a whole – the classic tactic of selling without selling.

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