What Your Website is Missing That Can Provide You With More

Just having a website is not enough to accurately showcase your business identity, goals and outreach. It takes a lot of thought and consideration in order to attract more customers to your website. Think of how that site plays out for users and how they view it.

Every responsive website design you start on can easily turn into a simple finish just to get it out there, and often we overlook the most important parts that communicate your business to people who need it to make sense. Stockport website design companies are no stranger to seeing this trend, and we are glad to point out some of the most common missing links.


Sometimes we see websites without a clear statement on what the company does. This can also be true for large companies, where a user will not be sure if you are the company for them.

When someone enters the home page, they need to be presented with what you do. If they are being asked to subscribe first, why would they if they don’t know what your business model is all about? If your statement is missing on what the product is, or the service or purpose as to why they are there, you will be seeing bounce rates and losing your audience in rapid succession – without them realising your business is perfect for their needs.

All in the Headlines

When you look at a newspaper article or something in a blog article, you are drawn by the headline into reading – and your website is just the same.

When users do a quick scan of your website, the headlines of your website are what grabs the interest of your next customer or client to read the text below. Make your headlines interesting and able to grab attention, hooking your users like they were queuing at a supermarket and just caught the front page of a newspaper.

Be Transparent

You need to feel comfortable in being transparent to attract people to your brand. This is why many websites are comfortable adding an About Us section to their website.

People like to see faces and find personality in businesses, such as a Meet the Team where they can see a face they can deal with and common ground by understanding the people who do the work are not some automated service.

Open up a bit and be relatable to those who feel comfortable with a business that has its own identity through the people doing the work. This way you will attract more customers to your website.

At Search and More we work on responsive website design Stockport that helps your business trade more effectively as well as communicate your business goals in a more effective capacity. Contact the team today to see what you are missing.

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