Bad Social, Week 2.

There’s the good, there’s the bad and then there’s the ugly. Following on from last week, here’s a few more really rotten social tips and myths you should discard without a second thought.

Send an auto DM to all your new followers. Don’t do it. When everyone gets the same message it can be quite annoying. They are impersonal and can be conceived as spam. It doesn’t look very professional in our opinion.

Don’t get personal.

Surely that’s the whole point. Personality is often what gets you noticed in social arenas. Best to offer some personality behind your brand so people want to connect and engage with you.

Don’t let your staff on the social.

It would be hard to do this really wouldn’t it. Especially thanks to smart phones. And really it’s best to push a positive trust policy and keep them in the loop.

There’s no way to measure.

Yes there is. There’s always a way to measure. There are some simple measuring apps and management systems you can use.

Disable comments.

There’s no point cutting people off by disabling comments. You should want complete transparency with your brand. It builds customer loyalty much better.

Have a Social Media Policy.

Not necessary. It’s hard to anticipate every senario. Best to have guidelines for staff. Again, good judgement will win out.

You don’t need a strategy for social media.

It’s really important to know your goals on social. Whether that be engaging with people or identifying KPIS and how you can measure that.

Social replaces traditional PR.

Not true. It works in partnership with other channels. Online to offline campaigns and vice versa can be huge brand drivers. You can’t really convert followers without good incentives and that’s part of a marketing pull.

Social media doesn’t cost.

Actually, it does. You need to invest in everything from campaigns and incentives to people and promoted posts. It’s key to measure development.

Only publish messages about your company.

What does this say? Me me me me me. No. Best to show diversity of interests and captivate your audience that way.

Social is easy once set up.

There’s still much work involved, once you are on the platforms. It takes time to make it successful.

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