Free Tools for Digital Marketing

Are you new to digital marketing? When you just start out, it’s understandable that you may not want to blow your budget if you are yet to test the waters. Luckily, there are plenty of free services out there that do wonders for your digital marketing efforts and SEO. Here are our top free tools for digital marketing!


The Moz Link Explorer is designed to help you research competitors, keywords, inbound links, outbound links and more. It provides a domain authority, which is essentially a number that indicated how well your website is doing. This allows you to understand what changes you can make to improve your online presence. This feature allows you to perform 10 searches a month for free, with the option to upgrade. The best free digital marketing tools include research tools.

Keyword Planner

Despite the number of competitors making their way to the industry, Google’s Keyword Planner is still the best tool of choice. Although it is technically designed with AdWords in mind, you can use it for SEO guidance too.

This tool lets you see the volume of keyword traffic and calculated how each search term competes. This will help you determine which keyword searches can bring in traffic at a low competition. What’s more, you can optimise particular pages on your website to rank for specific terms.

Hootsuite and Buffer

Hootsuite and Buffer are two wonderful social scheduling platforms. They both have free services that are limited, but perfect for individual businesses. Hootsuite, however, also gives you the opportunity to monitor your competitors and audience to see what people are saying about you and/or your services. This is perfect for helping you understand what you can change to provide a better service.

Yoast Plugin

When it comes to tools you can use on WordPress, Yoast is your go-to SEO plugin. Designed specifically to improve your SEO, Yoast follows a traffic light system to help you improve your content. It looks at the title description, URL, content and more to make sure your SEO is up to scratch.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is relied upon by many marketers for reviewing numerous mentions, from their brand to hashtags. It is widely used, but it is important to note that it is mainly based on website analysis. Social media mentions are often ignored.


RSS feeds may be out of fashion, but this does not mean to say they offer no value to your marketing tactics. It’s the perfect way to gather numerous articles and sources of information based on your industry. As a result, it’s ideal for learning about what is relevant so you can create SEO-worthy content. Feedly is the commonly known platform for this service and is completely free to use!

Want to take your digital marketing a step further? Outsource to Search and More!

These platforms are great for getting your digital marketing plans off the ground, but if you want to kick things up a notch, outsourcing is the way to go. If you are based in Stockport or Greater Manchester and would like to expand your digital marketing efforts, get in touch with Search and More.

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