Big Data Bring Us Closer To User Behavior And Marketing Online.

Before the internet, Marketing strategies were risky and there was a much higher waste of budget costs. It was a gamble where to invest the right marketing levers.

Then, along came the Internet, and with it a whole new kind of marketing concept, “Marketing on-line”.

There was a greater ability to measure cause and effect from the strategies employed and the efforts made. We now measure, page views, new and returning and unique, bounce rates click through rates, we started to use data………. And now the “Era of Big Data Arrives”.

Online and digital growth has expanded how users can interact and marketing has changed too.

There is an expansive range of ways to spend their marketing budget ranging from SEO, to PPC, to display, to social and email marketing. All this creates an abundance of digital data which is simply large sets of data that, when analysed, could reveal understanding about online marketing efforts.

This includes data such as search rankings, site visits, SERPs and click-data.  How ubiquitous is this ‘Big Data’ thing?

Big data isn’t just an internet marketing thing, it is being used to collate global information that can affect the whole social economy, management of businesses globally and management of people and our personas.

Google and now Facebook, are masters at connecting the data of the Web — online searches, posts and messages — with Internet advertising. A check of Google Trends shows ‘big data’ is a term whose searched volume has rocketed. Using this data and “reading” it brings us far closer to actual user behaviour.

But what exactly does this mean?

Basically it allows us to monitor social and SEO, we can now see and analyse social data together with natural search data on the page level in the enterprise SEO platform. This enables us to gain a more complete view of how media is driving traffic both on an individual page level, and in a holistic sense to your web properties. It allows us to create an in depth picture and report of performance. Big data allows a more accurate approach to internet marketing, let us discuss your Marketing performance with you. Contact us on 0161 669 5544

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