Is Blogging Dead, Or Is It Still Alive And Kicking?

Ironically, the best way to pose the question whether blogging is alive or dead is to write a blog about it.

Of course everywhere we look there are people blogging, so how can the real question is whether there’s any merit in the blogging world, or whether the ever-increasing insurmountable amount of blogs has effectively meant that blogging has in fact killed itself?

Who doesn’t love a good blog?

Fashion, food, news, travel, music, politics, social and more, our lives are surely enriched by a plethora of information feeds, updates and information ready at our finger tips 24/7. I mean, there’s nothing worth knowing you couldn’t find in a blog somewhere, right?

Blogging Fatigue.

On the other hand, is that a cry of ‘no more’ I can hear echoing around cyber space as page after page of inane, irritating, boring and confusing blog post continues to float around the black hole or the WWW world. You can have too much of a good thing. And with so many blogs out there, inevitably there’s a whole lot of rubbish floating around. So it’s no wonder we find ourselves overwhelmed and disillusioned at times by the sheer amount of blogs we could – if we didn’t have a life – lose ourselves in.

The Future – Discuss?

We know this at least, with so many people searching online, the blogging world still has the power to influence. We also know that online nothing stays the same for long.

The nature or blogging – like that of social networks – dictates that it has to offer something new and fresh. It’s a fast, furious, exciting and sometimes overwhelming place to be. So when talking about a future, standing still isn’t an option.

Not so long ago chat rooms, news sites and blogs were awash with talk of whether the rise of some more slick conversational social platforms – such as Twitter – and those offering a more visual treat – such as Instagram – didn’t heralded the end of Facebook as we know it.

There were some good arguments for and against, but ultimately it became clear that there’s still a place for Facebook, albeit one that takes a smaller share of the social market. And while blogging has changed beyond recognition since it began some 20 years ago, there’s still life in the old blogs yet.

Content is King.

Just ask yourselves this: Do people still read blogs? The answer is, absolutely.

A sceptic might argue that we’ve exhausted the blogosphere. But then why do people continue to write them? And what about the whole army of people who are only just now in 2013 cottoning on to the world of blogs after watching a stream of more savvy brands, businesses and friends leave them behind with a smile and a link and a ‘let’s get social’ call out at the end.

Yes anyone can turn themselves in to a blogger. And there’s little effective quality control in general. But, while the search engines continue to drive traffic to well-written content, and audiences continue to demand quality rather than quantity, there will always be merit to the written/cyber word. Anyone in the business of producing online content knows that the need for more dynamic and interactive content is fierce. Content driven by compatibility with hand-held and portable devices. And it’s in that competitive market, like that of social platforms, that blogging will flourish for the foreseeable future. A world that will ultimately be shaped by how and where we choose to view information.

I could go on.

Quote some facts and figures. Could blogging get left behind in an ever-competitive online content driven world? Yes. But a short browse around the web and it’s clear that blogging is indeed alive and well. And has plenty of life left in it yet.

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