Is Blogging Still An Indispensable Marketing Tool In A World That’s Gone Social Media-Crazy?

Is your business a firm advocate of social media posting?

If so you’re probably wondering why you should even consider the idea of a business blog.

After all what can you say in 500 words that can’t be said concisely in 140 characters? Well unsurprisingly, the answer is plenty. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be wonderful marketing tools when used in an appropriate context, but forget the more traditional sentiment of less being more: when it comes to getting your message across sometimes more is less. Ignore the doubters: blogging is unquestionably the most effective and complete way of building a brand’s online presence.

Blogging lets a business engage fully with its audience, and gives it the opportunity to flesh-out the company message: what’s more it allows businesses to share their knowledge and wisdom in depth, and keep customers fully informed of all the latest developments and products.

Engaging content.

Most businesses now appreciate the importance of establishing a company’s presence in the digital space, however, a surprising number of companies still place too great an emphasis on building an exciting website. Granted a functional and attractive website is vitally important for any business as it’s the gateway to the brand, but ask yourself this question: what then – what happens when the customer has found the brand? Well, the business then needs to engage with its audience in order to retain their interest. The best way to keep their attention is by blogging. Good blogs will tell the audience what your business does and why it does it better than anyone else, and most importantly of all, it will convey your passion and enthusiasm for your chosen field.

Blogs are a Godsend for information-hungry customers. They are a great resource for any customer who wants to learn more about your business. Websites, by and large, are formal and practical. Blogs on the other hand are generally more informal: they give companies the latitude to be as serious or as playful as they like. You get the chance to chat with your customers and share experiences: you can tell them all there is to know about you, and they can reciprocate. They can even give you advice and tips on what sort of products and services they’d like you to provide. You could almost call it real-time, consumer-driven product development. A blog not only invites people to spend some more time on your site, it also gives them a look into your company’s people, products and the things you think are important.


Businesses should never lose sight of the primary purpose of blogging, which is to provide meaningful, engaging and interesting content for people to consume. However, it’s also important to consider its other advantage too. Blogging will improve your website’s Search Engine Rankings. By creating relevant, brand-focused content and information about the services your business provides, search engines like Google will be more likely to hone in on the keywords that feature prominently on your site.

However, if you want to reap all the benefits of having a blog, it is essential to update your content regularly. Old content speaks volumes about you and your brand, and can send out the wrong message to both customers and search engines. It tells your customers you don’t care enough to put in the required work to update your content. The best content should always try to be topical and fresh to ensure that customers and other websites and blogs will link to your blog. All of which help your website’s SEO.

Blogs and social media.

You may not appreciate it, but your business blogs and social media accounts are ideally suited. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the perfect platforms to share your blog and get people talking about your brand. Because blogs are often not as prominent as a main business website, it’s up to the business to spread the word and get their content noticed. Regularly sharing of useful blog posts via the social media increases traffic to your blog and website, which ultimately provides greater exposure for your brand. Furthermore, the inherently viral nature of social media could help your posts spread through social networks, helping you to reach new audiences as well as connecting with your existing fans.

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