Is Blogging Past Its Sell By Date?

Is there really any point in blogging these days?

Aren’t you just wasting your time and considerable efforts hammering out daily articles and pouring over your carefully crafted words when you could simply tweet? I was asked that question the other day. Naturally I dismissed the question as ridiculous, but it got me thinking none the less. Is there any need to blog these days, or has social media made the practice redundant?

To blog, or not to blog – that is the question? Let’s face it social media plays an increasingly important role in most people’s lives nowadays: statistically 25% of all users’ time spent online is devoted purely to the likes of Facebook and Twitter.  The advantages of using social media and micro-blogging platforms are obvious when you think about them. They’re far easier to use and they’re immediate: if you wanted to let the world know what you’re up to, what would you choose – a brief message that’s instantly searchable, or would you rather wait for Google to index your thoughts? In that respect it really is a no-brainer. Social media is the way to go. Yet that doesn’t really paint the full picture, does it? Micro-blogging can only capture an emotion or thought at a specific point in time. It can’t paint a rounded and complete picture, well, perhaps it’s capable of doing that, but you’d have to spend an awfully long time online to see it.

Blogging has certain advantages that the social media just can’t and never will be able to deliver, particularly in a business context.

Ok, they might not be quite as ubiquitous as they once were, thanks to the likes of Facebook, but people still read them, and will continue to do so as long as they have something worthwhile to say. Blogging is the perfect forum in which to show the world both your knowledge of any particular line of business and your relevance. Businesses with the most demonstrable knowledge tend to be the ones that people trust the most. Sharing some of this knowledge and a few tips or hints that help others will simply increase your business’ credibility further.

The more helpful and informative your blog posts are, the more likely they’ll be shared by others or linked to.

People undoubtedly like to share information, particularly if they’ve found it useful. Linking is in many ways self-perpetuating: the more interest you create, the greater the number of links you’ll attract, and the greater number of links, the more interest you’ll generate. This increases your business visibility and can help to build brand loyalty and attract new potential customers to your site. No one would suggest that blogging will ever guarantee increased sales or conversions: that really isn’t the point of it, but it can undoubtedly go some way to helping you achieve this. The whole point of blogging is to help build an audience and extend your business reach. Generally speaking the more your reach grows, the more you’ll sell.

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