Are Blogs An Essential Part Of An Effective Marketing Strategy?

What do you understand by the term blogging?

Well, the answer unsurprisingly depends on who you ask. For many people blogs are inconsequential, if not irrelevant: many of the critics dismiss them believing that they’re only ever written by angry souls in bedrooms who bear a grudge. It’s an understandable opinion to hold, given that every Tom, Dick and Harry seems to be at it these days. But, set aside the political diatribes and the attention-grabbing fluff that makes the headlines, and concentrate your thoughts on what remains. Now ask yourself the more important question: Do you think blogs can ever serve a useful business purpose?

The answer of course is that they do without any shadow of doubt.

Blogs and articles should form an integral part of any business marketing strategy. Running a successful online business is tough at the best of times. When times get even tougher then it’s up to business to use every resource at their disposal to keep one step ahead of the competition. Blogging is one of these essential resources. Many businesses wrongly assume that simply having some sort of online presence should be enough to guarantee their success. Unfortunately this simply isn’t enough now: users want much more than that. Online business nowadays is all about communication and interaction. Website will only ever be successful now if they are customer-friendly, optimised for search engine visibility and updated on a regular basis with varied and interesting content. That’s where blogging fits in, and that’s why it’s critical that every business should have one.

What are the benefits of blogging?

Blogs give access to customers.

Blogging gives business owners, employees and marketers access to their customers, and it gives customers access to the business. It’s a way of providing two-way communication. Blogging isn’t the only way of achieving that of course: you could pay for expensive market research to achieve the same thing, but it won’t necessarily produce any better results. Market research is useful in certain circumstances, but if you’re looking for instant feedback from customers, then a simply-crafted and thoughtful 300-400 word statement or opinion, posting in a blog is the better option.

After that all a business needs to do is sit back and wait for the responses. Visitors to the site who read the blog can comment on your entry, but the business is still able to control what is ultimately published. That’s the safeguard: if the criticism isn’t particularly constructive, or is too harsh or plainly inaccurate, then all the business has to do is delete the comment.

Blogs strengthen a business’ visibility.

The internet is powered by dominant search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. They determine which web pages will be indexed and appear on their search pages. The amount of exposure a business website will receive from potential customers is determined by how well the website is optimised and how visible the site is. Blogs are liked by search engines because they are typically updated regularly and are considered to be a very important communication tool. The very best blogs are capable of informing and educating and can provide a constant stream of new and relevant information for customers.

Blogging will undoubtedly involve a certain amount of work. It can be time-consuming and onerous, but it’s worth it in the end. All that businesses need to remember is that what is said on the blog doesn’t just represent them; it also represents the company and its philosophy. It’s vitally important therefore that only trusted company representatives have access to the blog and oversee its operation. The blog can then build corporate credibility and bring in that all-important intangible “goodwill” that is sought by companies everywhere.

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