Can You Use Recent Blogs Posts On Homepages Without Running The Risk Of Being Accused Of Duplicating Content?

Will the use of the API for your recent posts to pull the latest blogs onto your homepage cause duplicate content issues with search engines?

Search and More’s view.

The short answer to that is no, however, there is a caveat. Many home pages host links to recent posts, blogs and articles that are featured elsewhere on the website. They are useful for keeping a homepage fresh. There’s nothing wrong with that, and generally speaking Google and the other search engines would not have a problem with it. Where it starts to get a little trickier is where the full article or post is lifted and placed on the homepage. In that scenario it can appear to be a blatant duplication of content and may be frowned upon by the search engines.

If a link is included on the homepage, or even a small snippet of the post or article then there should be no problems, and the website will not be deemed to be duplicating content. This applies even if a whole paragraph of the article is posted on the homepage. Duplicated content is tricky to deal with, and often impossible to avoid even for the most scrupulous websites. What matters is intent. If it’s obvious to the search engines that the intentions are honest, and that all a website is doing is posting a signpost to another page with fresh and relevant content, then everything should be ok.

Google’s view.

Google takes a similar view and will not penalise links to content posted elsewhere on a website, so long as the intention is only to highlight the article. Google advises that the safest option is simply to include a brief excerpt of the article and include a link the full article which can be read elsewhere on the website. If businesses follow this practice, then there should never be any issues relating to the duplication of content to boost search engine ranking.

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