Conversion Rate Boosting Target Range

Generally, when looking at conversion rates for your website, you look at around 2 in every 100 visitors, which may be why you’ve been exploring how to boost conversion rate.

It goes without saying this is not what you would be expecting when you established your website, especially now that internet marketing services dominate the planet since the COVID pandemic took hold. However, it’s time to load the ammo as there are targets you can take aim to improve those scores and some are not as hard to hit as you would expect.

Take aim at some of these easy targets to discuss with your digital marketing agency in Stockport.

Add Pop-Ups

This is sometimes considered an annoyance but if done right it can help to add to your conversion rate.

Make it a very appealing offer from your business such as something like an item that has dropped dramatically in price or a limited time offer for something like free delivery. Obviously, these kinds of pop-ups are enticing to a visiting client making them feel they may not get this if they leave the page. Also, make it easy to close the pop up should the person not be particularly interested in that product or offer, and be sure that the pop up only appears once per site visit. Even if clicked off accidentally the user can reopen the page and apply the offer.

No one gets annoyed and you can gain business from it.

Take Out the Distractions

One of the key distractions that turn people around is having a website that pulls you in every direction except the one you want to go to.

Having a visibly pleasing website that is clear, easy to navigate and concise is what your users expect, and if it’s not necessary then clear it out completely. It may feel like you want to provide visitors with everything, but concentrate on what they ideally visit for and have sections for everything else.

Your users should see your website headlines and subheadings, features, testimonials and reviews and visuals as the keys to open the doors to the other perks of your site. If it’s an unnecessary addition then it’s an added distraction from the visitor experience.

Ensure Responsiveness

Obviously, the user experience is the key target of all, and with those visitors adding up to 50% of mobile tech users you need to be sure you implement responsive web design Stockport.

It may seem trivial but in today’s rapidly online preferences visitors do not want to adjust their devices to be able to navigate your website, they want it as easy and painless as possible. This means you have to ensure your presence is adaptable in order to secure that interest and conversion.

For additional help in taking aim at conversion rate targets and learning how to boost conversion rate, talk with the team at Search and More, your expert marksman in Stockport website design.

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