12 Quick ways boost conversions on your website

Getting traffic to your website is great, it’s one of the first things you want for your business. However, if the traffic doesn’t lead to conversions then what’s the point? Here are a few simple tricks to boost conversions.

1. Minimising your fields can boost conversions

If you are asking for information in an email opt-in, keeping the information requests as minimal as possible. Studies have shown that adding too many fields can have a negative impact on your conversions, so be careful of what you ask for.

2. Use testimonials

A trustworthy opinion from another consumer is a great way to boost conversions. This should be a given on most company websites, but by placing testimonials on your web pages you are providing the consumer with social proof that your goods or services are backed up by others. Use them on landing pages as well as opt-in landing pages.

3. Clearly state the benefits of your goods or services

Though it is important to list the features of what you are offering to the consumer, it is just as important, if not more, to explain to the consumer how your goods or services will benefit them and/or solve their problems. Doing so will help them decide if the product is for them and will boost conversions.

4. Pay attention to your headline

Headlines are perhaps the most important element of your landing page. Get it wrong and you can wave goodbye to a sale. Before you decide on your headline, be sure to brainstorm at least ten title ideas for your best chance to boost conversions.

5. Create dedicated landing pages for PPC advertisements

This is essential if you wish to boost conversions on your website. Luckily, Search & More offer this as part of our service to you, so we can create the ideal landing page that is sure to bring in conversions on your website.

6. Include subscriber or follower counts

Just like testimonials, including social proof is a great method if you wish to boost conversions. Adding a small selection of icons to demonstrate the size of your social following can influence the consumer’s opinions of your brand and help boost conversions.

7. Make sure your content comes with strong calls to action

No matter what page they are on, let the user know exactly what you want them to do next. This could be a click to buy, or perhaps a form that must be filled in for business enquiries.

8. Recommend related products

If your consumers are looking at a product or service on your page, offer links to similar alternatives. Not only can this boost conversions, but it will keep the user engaging with your website for longer, meaning they could find a better product that could benefit them.

9. Include stock numbers

“Hurry, only three in stock!” – It’s a bit of a panic builder, but it’s a nifty little trick if you want to boost conversions. By showing the consumer how many items are left, they then must decide if they want to risk losing out or not.

10. Lose the hype

As discussed in previous articles, users are no longer falling for hype. If you wish to boost conversions, your copy must be clear, informative and compelling to the user to sway their purchase decision.

11. Tunnel vision

If the user has clicked on your landing page, it’s important that they focus on the call to action. Remove any other buttons or information that may be distracting or can lead them down the wrong path. This is an important thing to remember if you want to boost conversions for a specific product or service.

12. Offer various payment options to boost conversions

Not everyone wants to use PayPal. Some people prefer card payments, or for others, it’s Apple or Android Pay. You will find that you are more likely to boost conversions if you have a variety of payment options that will satisfy each users preference.

It’s important to remember that there is no “one size fits all” method if you want to boost conversions and get more sales. Be sure to test out as many methods as possible before you determine what works best for your business. Search & More can implement many elements to help you boost conversions and improve your ranking in search engines. Get in touch today to see what our digital marketing experts.

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