Taking The Bore-Factor Out Of Internet Marketing, Part Two.

We saw in part one of this article the importance of keeping content marketing vibrant and relevant.

What businesses should be looking to do is take the boredom out of branding. No customer likes to read the same old regurgitated content over and over again, however relevant it might be.

They would much rather be inspired and entertained.

So in the second part of this article we’ll look at another couple of ways in which businesses can engage with an audience, inspire them to take the action, set their brand apart from their competitors and keep the cash tills ringing.

Vary the length and format of your content.

If you’ve managed to hit on what you think is a winning formula, like a particular blog format, then don’t be tempted to stick rigidly to this, simply because it has proven to be effective in the past. It may well have worked at some stage, but that won’t guarantee that it will continue to pay dividends. Think of it like lift music: it’s there constantly, but after a while you stop noticing it. You filter it out, and no longer see it as relevant. Well, blogs and articles can be the same in many ways. If readers get used to a particular format or pattern, it won’t be long before they start to tune out and lose interest. Your content may well turn into wallpaper.

Vary the lengths of the articles you produce. Don’t write articles that are too long; it’s better to break the blogs up into sections. Ask questions of your audience, and try to get them to engage with what you’re saying by contributing or commenting. You can even ask them for suggested future content. The only thing that you need to remember is that whatever you write, your content should be keyword and key-phrase focused, and your unique brand voice should remain constant throughout.

Inspiration and aspiration through social media marketing.

The point of marketing is to capture an audience’s attention. Yet businesses also need to remember, that once they’ve got this attention they need to retain it. If your business produces a fantastic product then there’s a great temptation to provide a long list all the product’s unique features. Now, whilst there’s nothing wrong with that per se, it’s just a little bit boring and uninspiring. If anyone was interested in the smallest detail, they’d go to the trouble of finding out themselves. It’s much better to paint a picture about what this product does differently than its competitors. Tell your audience why they need this product and how much better their life would be if they were to buy it.

If you want the perfect example of this type of marketing, then look no further than Apple, and the iPad and iPhone. The commercials and marketing don’t list all the technological capabilities of the products, they sell a lifestyle. They make you want to purchase a song on your iPad, create a playlist on your iPhone and share it with your friends on Facebook.  This is aspirational marketing at its best. Couldn’t your business benefit from this?

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