Can Good/Bad Website Design Affect Your Search Engine Rankings?

Before we can begin to answer the question of whether good or bad website design can affect search engine ranking, here’s a question for you.

What are your expectations for the website, and what are you ultimately hoping to achieve? If the answer is that you’re looking for a number 1 ranking on Google, then, unless you’re trading in a very exclusive niche market with little competition, the chances of that happening are unlikely. If however, you’re hoping your website will help to attract more visitors, make their visit a pleasant experience, encourage them to come back time and again and increase the total number of sales, then you’re thinking along the right sort of lines.

Great website design is crucial for any business that wishes to rank well on search engines like Google and Bing. Google, in particular, bases its search engine rankings on usability. What it wants to provide is the best experience for users of its search engine, so it will only promote those websites that best provide that sort of experience.

Get the design right and you’ll fare well: get it wrong and your website will vanish without trace. Good website design can help to attract a greater number of visitors to your website. If you can supplement great design with relevant and dynamic content that gives users all the information they require in a useful and intuitive way, then you’ll be well on your way to greater success and high search engine ranking. Get the design wrong and you won’t be picked up by search engine spiders: your rankings will languish in the Doldrums and customers will remain blissfully unaware of the great products and services that you could potentially offer them.

4 website design tips for greater search engine visibility.

Effective design.

Why do some websites succeed where others fail? Well, the devil is in the detail. It’s not necessarily just a question of creating a website that’s appealing and attractive. As important as that may be, that simply isn’t enough. Website design also needs to be effective. We hesitate to use the phrase it needs to do exactly what it says on the tin, but the fact is, it’s true. A great website will make best use of all the latest technological features available, but will use this technology to help visitors find the information they need speedily and efficiently.

Simplicity and ease of use.

What’s the one common feature you’ll find in all the best websites? Well, it’s simply that they will all be easy to use. Some website designers will no doubt tell you that what attracts visitors are all the latest technical gizmos and gadgets, but research would tend to suggest otherwise. A gizmo might dazzle, but if it that gets in the way of effective communication it will only lead to user frustration and irritation. What users want is simplicity. They want the information they’re searching for available at their fingertips, and they don’t want to have to put a shift in trying to unearth this information. The best website designs deliver the right quantity of information quickly.


Good website will have a logical layout and be easy to navigate. This can be achieved in a number of ways, but often colour-grouping product designs and ranges together can work effectively. The design should also be intuitive and rational. A simple menu of products and services will make the user experience more satisfying. If all the navigation buttons are clearly visible at the top of the site page, and ordered in a logical manner, visitors will find it easy to move through the site and progress from one page to the next.


A good website design should also make allowances for the future development and leave room for further refinement of the site. Businesses grow and develop once they have managed to secure the right level of custom. Websites should ideally be capable of doing the same, and should have a smooth and seamless inbuilt-functionality for future development.

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