How To Choose Better Passwords.

Passwords! I’ve got so many of them, it’s hard to keep track.

I mean you create a log in for a site back in 2010 and they expect you to remember it every time you log in. They give you a security question, but you can’t remember that either.

Frustrating or not, security online is a necessary evil. So here’s a few tips on how to create better passwords.

1. Be Clever: It sounds simple, but don’t be too obvious. Steer away from names, or birthdays. Or anything you don’t want people to guess. EG: add a single digit or symbol before or after a word. e.g. ‘name1’; remove vowels; or write a word backwards.

2. Stretch It Out: The longer the password the better. There are more combinations that way. It’s simple math. Use at least eight characters, the more characters the better really, but most people will find anything more than about 15 characters difficult to remember.

3. Make a Change: If you can refresh your passwords twice a year then do it. It improves security. And knowing you will change them you could have a few in mind.

4. Write It Down: Losing passwords can be a real pain. And with all the updates you will find it hard to keep track. You really want to avoid this as much as possible, so try and file them somewhere that it’s easy for you to find. Somewhere that’s not on your computer. In your diary or in a paper file.

5. Type Sensitive: Numbers, symbols, upper and lower cases can make all the difference to a secure password. Use a random mixture of characters, upper and lower case, numbers, punctuation, spaces and symbols.

6. Double Trouble: We all do it, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you should never use the same password twice. Just try to not do it where you can. And speaking of double, best to steer away from repeating a word, EG: doubledouble.

7. Don’t Share: Keep your passwords as close to your chest as you can. Try not to email them to other people when a connection isn’t secure. Keep it as secret as you can.

8. Make It Easy: I saved the best for last. A top tip for picking an easy to remember and secure password. Use the first letter of each word from a line of a song or poem. Or, choose two short words and pin them together with a punctuation or symbol character between the words. EG: “search%more”.

After all that, hopefully you can still come up with something you can remember and type in fast. Happy Accessibility.

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