Choosing your Brand Words

Picking a set of extremely strong and cohesive brand words to act as your guiding light when it comes to branding and communicating your business is harder than you may think. Many companies have too many words that they struggle to create clarity over how they wish to represent themselves. Others are rather neat and have a strict selection of five or six words that are useful but make them seem cold.

You can find a middle ground to motivate and inspire you while you create a clear vision of your business. Getting it right is essential as you will use this in every aspect of your business, particularly on your website. This week, we are discussing what is needed to establish the perfect brand words for your business and website optimisation.

What Should your Brand Words say about you?

First, you need to think about what you want to be known for. What makes you stand out and what do your clients value most about you?  The words you choose need to reflect on how you want others to see your brand. How do you work out what words are essential, and which are simply important? You need to figure out the three most important brand values and those that sit in the background.

Don’t just think about how professional you want to appear. Depending on your business, personality is a key ingredient. It’s one thing to offer fast service, but being welcoming, friendly and give people a reason to come back to you is something that you should also demonstrate through your brand words.

Make Your Brand the Easy Choice

Stand out. Make people believe there is no better option. Be different and refreshing. What is it that makes you different from the rest? What would be your creative approach that others wouldn’t think to do? Pick three words that you believe will turn heads and don’t forget to be emotive. It’s pretty hard to get excited about a brand who is professional, organised and efficient. Why? Because many brands stick to these three basic pillars. Be imaginative, story-telling, captivating! Once you find the right creative words to describe your brand, things will get a lot more exciting.

Think about what is taken for granted in your industry and how you would deliver above and beyond that. For example, writers are expected to be perfect when it comes to grammar. This isn’t always the case, but regardless, it would be a waste to use one of your three words on grammar! Think about your tone of voice, approach and how you use your language. It’s all about personality.

As you work through your list of brand words, think about what each one means and whether that can spark off more or better words before implementing a content strategy. For example, what does the word “imaginative” mean to you? What is your creative approach to your profession? How would that differ from your competitors?

Think about Why you are Using Certain Words

“Professional” is quite an overused term. In fact, it’s rare to see brands that don’t use this word in their brief. Everyone wants to let the world know that they are professional. However, when you look a bit deeper, you realise that what people actually want is to be taken seriously. There are many ways this can be done, from the perfect branding guidelines to a brand-new website. Professional should not be one of your top three brand values. It’s important, but you should be able to demonstrate this through the work that you do, not the words that you say.

The same goes for “luxury”. This word can sometimes be overused and sometimes incorrect. Of course, there is nothing wrong with want customers to see the value in the products or services you offer, but is the word “luxury” something you truly offer? Is it a word to be included in your top three? Or is there an even better word out there that truly sits well with your brand? If you are selling a luxury product then every aspect of your selling process must be luxurious as well. Make sure this is something you can deliver or find a better word. Bespoke, iconic and intricate could be suitable alternatives for your SEO strategy.

Talk to Search and More

The right branding is essential if you want the right website for your business. Luckily, we are here to cover every creative aspect, from branding guidelines to the perfect website. For more information, get in touch with Search and More today for website design in Stockport.

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