Climbing the Ranks with Smart Targeting

When it comes to organic growth, content plays a key role in making your goals achievable. However, it will not do so by itself. Smart online audience targeting plays another role in getting your business to the top of Google, and at Search and More, we follow a strict method and adapt it with you in mind.

What exactly is smart targeting?

First off, it is important to understand that targeting and content are not the same things, though they do go hand in hand. Targeting is essentially what SEO’s use to explain to Google what the content in question is about. The content is the answer to a user’s search query, so it is important to ensure that the content is targeted towards the correct question.

Google is drawing more focus on user interactions and experiences, as well as the relevance of the content query. In order for content to be seen, we need to figure out what it is that the audience needs and how Google interprets it. From then we can identify what actions we must take in order for that need to be filled.

How we do it

When taking on a new client, it is important that we spend time getting to know them. We need to know more about their business, their goals and the audience they wish to reach. Once we feel like we know what our client wants from our services, we can move on to keyword research. We look at potential interest areas, common keywords and keywords relating specifically to our clients prioritised services. By doing this, we can determine where they rank in search results and start thinking of ways to push it to the top.

When looking at keywords, we need to look at the ranking data to see where they sit in search results. We also need to establish a comparison between what the user is searching for and what the client has to offer.

When we have gathered as much keyword information as possible, we can then start to look at the client’s current pages and content, and perform a competitor analysis. By looking at more successful competitors, we can determine what potential changes could be made to our client content. From this point, we are then able to map keywords to relevant landing pages. By this point, we will have enough information to formulate a content plan and put our research into action.

Everyone is different

What is important to remember is that although we may get a specific pool of clients, they will all come to us with different goals in mind. This means that we can’t replicate our research, as this would only reduce our insights. The more insights we gather, the better our results, and the happier the clients are with our service.

If you are looking for a bespoke SEO service that can create a content plan with your business in mind, then don’t hesitate. Contact Search and More today to discuss how we can get your business the search engine results it deserves.

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