Common types of user – and how to engage them

Your users make your site – along with Google, they are the audience you want to impress and engage to secure success for your website and your business. So here are a few common types of user – and the reasons you need to know what makes them tick (and what turns them off).

The impatient user

Many of us fall into this category these days – with smartphones, tablets, high-speed Wi-Fi and sophisticated processors all convening to shorten browsing time, making delays both frustrating and off-putting. There are several common reasons users become impatient, the most obvious of which is the fact that poorly built sites can take a long time to load or may have broken links or missing pages. The less obvious however are the things which could be costing you business without you even realising – key elements such as poor navigation, inaccessibility, bad design (light grey text placed on a white background, rendering it unreadable). All of these issues frustrate users – who are unlikely to spend any time on your site, perhaps not even long enough to engage with your business – let alone return.

The discerning user

This user has come to your site looking for quality. They want slick functionality, easy navigation and modern design. The problem is, your site hasn’t been updated yet and isn’t quite displaying in line with image you wish to portray of your business. Discerning users usually have a very clear idea in mind of how they think quality websites look and feel – so it’s unlikely that you’ll reach them all. But having a website which runs well, is thoughtfully designed and clear to understand is likely to satisfy even the most particular visitors – compelling them to return again.

The techy user

Techy users know (or think they know) how your site was built and therefore have a preconceived idea of how you wish to reach users. They may pull you apart on technical aspects of the site – and will have a keen eye for low-res imagery, poor graphics and cumbersome navigation – not to mention slow load times.

The old-school user

This user wants information – but they don’t want to have to hunt around for it. It’s taken them a while just to find you on Google – so when they arrive on your site, they want to find what they need clearly displayed and easily within reach. If not, they may not leave by choice, they may leave simply because they can’t find what they are looking for. Either way, you’ve lost an opportunity to gain a new client who made a lot of effort to locate you online – one which could have been incredibly valuable to your business.

For more on building responsive, engaging sites which reach your target users in the best possible way, speak to us today or take a look at our Services page for more information on how Search and More could help you to improve your online presence.

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