Content is king – the definitive guide to good quality content

‘Content is king’ is a phrase banded around fairly often by those in the industry who want their clients to recognise the power of good quality content. But what exactly is ‘content’ – and how can you ensure that yours is the best it can be when it comes to enticing clients to your site and encouraging them to part with their hard-earned cash with you rather than with a competitor? The answer lies within a few key points which we’ve handily included for you below in this informative post.

What is content?

‘Content’ in relation to a website refers to all material which is contained within which makes the site functional and pretty. In other words, essential components such as copy (or text), images (photography, graphics) and media (music, audio video) can make or break your website. Good content is of a high quality and is targeted to the audience it hopes to reach – effectively encouraging them to actively explore the site further and enhancing their experience – all of which should eventually result in increased profits for your business.

Quality images count

How many times have you found yourself put off a website (or printed marketing material) by blurry or grainy images which don’t clearly display the subject in question, and portray the business itself as lacklustre and slapdash? It’s for this reason that quality images count – without them, your site flounders, and poor imagery undoubtedly puts off visitors in more ways than one. Worse than this are the trademarks of a neglected site – the broken images. Sadly no more, they are replaced only by a thin grey line and a red ‘x’ marking the spot where they used to be. You may have to invest a little by purchasing stock images or getting a professional photographer in to snap your products or business premises – but it’s most certainly worth the expense as going without it could cost you dearly.

Good copy is key

Words are a very understated part of marketing, a great tool through which to reach your customers and are also highly underestimated, meaning copy is commonly neglected. This doesn’t mean you have to write war and peace for your site – quite the opposite. The beauty of websites is that they can deliver information and services quickly and efficiently – sometimes more effectively than their traditional counterparts. Keep this front of mind when writing copy as it’s highly unlikely that visitors will want to be met with large banks of text when they arrive on your site, and it’s even less likely that they will read it.

Design is important

The design of your site is as important as the functionality – as without good design, your content will fail to deliver, no matter how good it may be. You need to consider how navigable the site is by eye – how the user will see and process the information in front of them. Too busy or garish and they may go elsewhere – whilst not enough information could result in them becoming frustrated.

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