Content Marketing Tips For Increased Holiday Profits.

At this time in the year, you are either mentally shopping for office upgrades in the new year or unhappy at the sales your business missed by not having a solid marketing strategy in place.

Over the past few weeks, Search and More has shown you how to craft emails that get readers to your offers and how to create social media campaigns that build real relationships.

In this part, we discuss the best content to attract leads and sales.

Content marketing was the buzzword throughout 2014. From blog posts to white papers to guides, marketers attracted prospects and attempted to turn them to buyers. But it wasn’t always successful. There is a marked difference between those whose content dominates and attracts a response and marketers with ‘meh’ content.

For one, businesses that created and distributed multiple forms of content experienced a marked increase in visits and conversions. Successful businesses also didn’t rely only on their own platforms; they used multiple channels to promote their content, including using paid and earned channels.

If you are still sceptical about the power of blogging, consider that companies that blogged consistently saw up to 55% more web traffic, and up to 72% more leads. Blogging can help your brand build trust and authority. It can also be used in sync with your social media efforts.

However, blogging just for the sake of blogging will usually lead to generating purely forgettable content. Your content MUST help readers. This is even truer when trying to get their attention (and a few quid) over the holiday season. The two types of content that will work in ANY industry this Christmas are:

A Gift Buying Guide.

Your product and niche can probably be segmented many ways. Brainstorm who will be using your product and create list posts on gift ideas for any segment of the market. You can carve up the potential customer base based on price, gender, hobbies etc. This type of content can be influenced by high quality images. Cross posting evocative images on Pinterest with a link back to your site gives you a chance to snag even more prospects.

Tutorials and Demos.

The Christmas holiday is all about gift giving, but many may be wary about giving outmoded items. Tap into this longing and introduce a new model or an entirely new product. Providing video tutorials regarding their use on YouTube will also drive more traffic back to your site.

Other types of content you can create include:

  • Topical themed infographics;
  • Whitepapers showing industry trends over the year;
  • User generated video testimonials;
  • Employee generated posts chronicling the past year.

No matter the kind of content you are creating, remember that more people are accessing websites on their smartphones. Hence, ensure you optimise your content for viewing on mobile devices. For text, break up the ‘wall of text’ and keep sentences short. For images, please avoid using the super high-res version; a simple yet illustrative one will do just fine.

With all the content you’ll be creating, always remember promotion. Use social media, paid traffic, SEO to get your content out there and in front of readers. It is also vital that you keep records of which promotion worked best in generating leads and sales. It gives you concrete data to make next year’s marketing decisions on. If you need help creating a marketing campaign in the new year, Search and More can help. Contact us today and let’s audit your current marketing strategy.

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